Updated : 17th October 2020

I can talk on this topic for ages. So let me thank you for visiting this space first.

Who are you?
From the point of view of people who matter to me, I may not be all the good things I have to say below about myself. I would then think that this is what I wish to be known for.
I am a dreamer with a hyperactive brain. Even while my body parts are resting, the tiny brain is cultivating ideas for the next big thing. I live my life in smaller segments where the goals are always planned for the next small or big events. Like, my son’s first day at school or even before that the school interview will be the next big event. I celebrate all occasions with food. I also indulge in planning things that go along with it which then culminate the entire food eating process as a party.
Pradnya (Me silly!) loves to plan things and celebrate every occasion. Bringing cheer on others faces makes me happy. I have managed this so far with my kitchen experiments.
Why Blog?
I had a website that had a successful run few years back which allowed me share experiments in kitchen, garden, stitching, knitting and all girlie things with the world. But the concept of sharing personal anecdotes along with the recipes was inviting. I allow sneak peeks in my life whilst creating some magic in the kitchen.
Who pays for the bread and butter?
The blog definitely does not but I am not averse to the idea. I have a regular full time (more than that sometimes) job at hand. I also enjoy my official job. Blogging only balances the right side of brain that sometimes gets ignored during the day. I intend to balance both sides for a long time to come.
Where do you draw inspiration from in your kitchen?
As the cliché’ goes, it is from Mother, Mother In Law, Grand Moms, Sisters, friends, travels, ingredients, pictures, cook books and fellow bloggers. I am not tired of cooking for long durations so I am basically happy to cook all kinds of dishes - sweets and savories, baked, grilled, steamed whatever. Being a foodie (I hate worms and inedible beasts though) I am open to eat different kinds of food. If I taste something and like it you are bound to eat it in my kitchen some day.
Who are the guinea pigs?
My husband loves to eat different variety of food and is more than happy to be my guinea pig. Being a food connoisseur he also provides very interesting suggestions at times. I love hosting small get together meets with family and friends. I ensure to make one new dish during such meetings to judge the reaction.
What keeps you going?
Your valuable feedbacks, comments, appreciations, interests and love keep me on. I am a sucker for attention when it comes to food. I want to hear all the things you would like to tell me good or bad.
Where is your pumpkin farm?
For now it is in my dreams. I am inching closer towards having a farm (tini wini). It may not have pumpkins growing in it, but I can assure that you would get good food out there, served in absolute rustic ambiance.

You can get in touch with me by dropping mail at pumpkinfarmfood@gmail.com


ashesnroses said…
I follow a lot of food blogs and was really happy to see a blogger from mUMBAI COZ I am also in mUmbai.
Great going!!
shall keep looking out for u
Take care!have a great day!!
Unknown said…
Hey Pradnya,

Karishma this side from kblog. I must say that you have a really interesting blog and I just can't wait to try your recipes!!

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