Chocolate Custard Pie - No Bake

I could not fathom making biscuit based cakes  as a short cut to cakes. My mother never made them and I never had to make it as I can whip up a basic vanilla cake in a jiffy most times. So when I was doing my little research on the no bake desserts, I came across a lot of these cakes. I went a little more crazy to make my own version. While this is not hugely experimental but there are flavors that are typically suitable to my palette. 

This is basically a cross between a pie and trifle in a way.


for bottom base
10 Marie biscuits
2 tbsp melted butter

for middle layer
1 tbsp custard powder
1 tspn vanilla essence 
1 tbsp sugar 
250 Ml milk (full fat ) 

for top layer
1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate
2 tbsp full fat milk cream 
1 tspn vanilla  essence 
1 tspn rock salt 

1) Crush the biscuits and mix the melted butter in it.
2) Pour this in the pie dish and using the back of the spoon gently press it down firmly. Set this in refrigerator for 10 min
3) Prepare the custard layer by mixing the custard powder in 2 tbsp cold milk. 
4) Heat the remaining milk mixed with sugar until it comes to a boil. Add the custard mixture and stir continuously on medium flame until the custard thickens - 2-3 min.
5) When done, pour this custard on the biscuit base while it is still hot and pourable. Let it stand for 10 min or until it is set.
6) Now in a new pan heat the milk cream until it starts scalding
7) Add the chopped chocolate chips to this and let it stand for 1 min
8) Mix using a fork to form a smooth ganache.

9) Pour this chocolate layer on the set custard.Spread it using a spatula

10)  Refrigerate this for some time

11) Sprinkle the rock salt on top and garnish with truffles or fresh berries of your choice.

Slice it and serve - I was impressed by the taste. 

Note - You can prepare your fresh custard using egg yolks and milk instead of custard powder. 


The trifle sounds delicious but I was hoping to see a pic with all layers..
Padmajha said…
That is a nice layered dessert Pradnya. I too have never made a base with biscuits. Don't know why!!!!
Srivalli said…
That surely sounds like a sinful dessert Pradnya! I love making layered desserts.
Mayuri Patel said…
I make biscuit layered desserts. They taste good. I think you forgot to say add melted butter and not sugar to the biscuit crumbs.
I have only tried o bake desserts for individual servings. Have to try this one for sure.
Chef Mireille said…
this is an awesome no bake dessert!!!
veena said…
That is a sinful dessert. Should try this
a quickie dessert to make! And no bake makes it more tempting! :)

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