Coconut and Mango cookie

I plan to share a lot of cookie recipes for this months mega marathon. One my boys can survive on cookies for breakfast and snacks and second it is a personal challenge. I cracked the cookie recipe much later than I had cracked the cakes or breads. I am still a lot jittery to move away from the recipes that worked.

Surprising the tougher recipes have worked - I blame my oven which is rather unfavoring to the cookies by either burning them off or turning them into chewy nuggets or hard rocks.

Coming back to todays recipe , it is from the Carribean islands , popular coconut and mango cookies.  I was unsure about using coconut at first knowing there are not many takers for this at my home. But then last month I had picked up the coconut flour for the first time which I was keen to try. The original recipe (which i had noted from a newspaper cutout) does not use coconut flour but uses dried coconut powder mixed with APF.   

The response to these cookies has been good for which I credit the mangoes , it is such a welcoming flavor. I plan to reduce the sugar to let the mangoes come

2 1/4 cup Coconut Flour / Replace with 2 cups of APF + 1/4 cup dessicated coconut
1 tspn baking powder
1/4 tspn baking soda (optional)
1 cup mango cubes 
2/3 cup castor sugar
1 cup softened butter 
1/2 cup curd / 1 egg yolk
1 tbsp vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

1) Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
2) Add curd ,vanilla extract and salt next and mix well.
3) Now fold in the mango cubes by mashing them gently into the butter mixture
4) Mix the Coconut flour with baking powder and baking soda and mix it well
5) Add the liquid mixture to the the flour. Mix  it together to make a creamy mixture.
6) The cookies batter will be closer to icing or frosting batter. Use a spoon to scoop out and drop the cookies on the greased baking sheet
7) Bake them for 18 min at 180c . Let them stand for 5 min to harden.


Mango has such a pleasing flavor , must be so nice in cookies..though I have only had mango cream from some brand..I have yet to taste this flavor in home baked cookies.
Sowmya :) said…
Nice to know I have company. I am jittery about cookies too. I usually fall back on the choco chip ones on most occasions.
That's an awesome way to use the coconut flour. Mango and coconut are very popular at making these at the earliest!
Srivalli said…
Ah on the other hand, my oven seem to favour cakes and cookies than bread..:)..I love baking cookies too because of the less time involved..I love coconut cookies and this one with mango sounds so good..
Harini R said…
That is such a wonderful combination of mango and coconut (two of my fav ingredients). Can you please mention how much baking powder and soda you have used in there? I would love to try these in the upcoming mango season.
Love the tropical flavors in the cookies. The mango and the coconut must have tasted great together.
Namratha said…
Fresh mangoes in a cookie.. wow.. that's a first I've seen. I almost expected a cake when I clicked on your link and then read the title :) mango and coconut is as tropical as it gets.. great pick!
Priya Suresh said…
Wow coconut and mango cookies, wat a flavor yaa, absolutely delicious. Feel like munching some.
Coconut and Mango just yumm... The can feel the taste now!!
veena said…
I love mango and I love cookies. Pradnya , I am baking these soon. Looks too inviting
Pavani said…
Lovey looking mango and coconut cookies.
Ritu Tangri said…
My case is the same , no takers of coconut flavor except me. Must try these to see how coconut and mango flavors mingle to make it acceptable to kids. Cookies look stunning though...Bookmarked
Srividhya said…
Got to try the coconut flour. These are awesome. I am smell the tropical flavor here. Great share.
Unknown said…
coconuts and mangoes, the right recipe for this summer. First time I am hearing mango as an ingredient in a cookie. awesome
Adding mango in the cookies is a nice idea. Tell me about my oven which takes almost double time for everything.

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