American Goulash Vegetarian

 Baking is therapeutic so it was difficult for me to let go the opportunity to return back to blogging. Our bi-annual month long mega marathon will see us blog for 26 out of the 30 days.
Our theme is any baked dish from around the world

In the last few months a few things changed in my kitchen - I got myself a huge refrigerator - which means I have more space to stock up my little packets of ingredients that I pick from all places that I visit.  

As a side effect, I have been making some new dishes quiet frequently. 

I am kicking off the mega marathon with the American goulash. Goulash is originally a popular stew from Hungary and lot of central European countries. The Americans have made a version of their own with the addition of macaroni or pastas , cheese and tomato sauce over paste and also they bake the dish after sauteing it in the pan to let the cooked ingredients blend into a beautiful stew/

The basic essence of a goulash in both American and Hungarian comes from the protein which is Beef. I replaced it with loads of vegetables and mushrooms.

1 cup macaroni / penne ( I used penne as my boys don't like macaroni)
1 cup tomato puree 
2 tbsp tomato paste (grated tomotoes) 
1 onion finely chopped
1 cup chopped vegetables of choice ( capsicum, mushrooms, carrots) 
1 tspn herbs (marjoram, thyme)
1 tspn paprika
1 tspn garlic paste
1 tbsp Oil
1/2 cup grated processed cheese 
 salt and pepper to taste

1) Cook the pasta until al dente and set aside
2) In a pan which can be used in the oven later, heat some oil.
3) Add the onions , garlic paste. Saute until it is cooked.
4) Add the chopped vegetables and saute for 3-4 min on high flame
5) Add the tomato paste and puree and let it mix - no need to cook it further
6) Add the herbs, paprika, salt and pepper and mix well
7) Add the pasta and take off the stove 
8) After the sauce settles down, top the stew with grated cheese
9) Place this in a preheated oven at 200 c for 10-12 min. If the quantity is doubled then you need to bake for longer time 
10) Serve warm with some bread or on its own


Delicious looking dish which is so creamy.Loved the fact it is vegetarian!!As american dish contains meat mostly!!
Sowmya :) said…
You are so right - baking is very therapeutic. The Goulash looks so inviting. Looks like a good way to get the kid to eat veggies. Waiting for all the other delicacies on this blog!
Srivalli said…
Well that's a smart move to name the dish by the country, I hope you are sparingly using that this baked dish sounds so inviting!..good to have you back and hope to see lot more interesting stuffs!..a huge fridge you say?..we are never satisfied with a small one...heheh
Pavani said…
That's such a hearty and delicious pasta casserole Pradnya. Looks colorful and yummy!!
veena said…
Good start for the marathon Pradnya. Looking forward for the world cuisine from an avid traveller. This looks very inviting. Vibha would love this and I am yet to learn to pronounce the name :)
That is a wonderful variation of the traditional Goulash and something that can work as a great dinner for the family! Looking forward to your rest of the bakes :)
Namratha said…
That's a hearty pasta dish, I'm loving all the veggies. Marjarom is a tasty addition.
Padmajha said…
That dish looks so inviting Pradnya. I am still hoarding all the masalas that were exchanged during the previous meet and reading that u got a bigger refrigerator, I am so tempted to buy one just for such stuffs!
Harini R said…
A pasta casserole is always welcome. My kids are always looking forward to these kind of casseroles. Looking forward to more bakes from you this month.
Lovely one pot meal and hey good to see you here . Congrats on the big refrigerator , I have a separate Frig for my special ingredients , besides the big one , yet it's less !
Srividhya said…
Love those baked pastas.. yum... looking forward to your other bakes.
That's such an interesting bake and nice choice to start the marathon. My mind always go for sweet baking recipes when it comes to baking. Looking forward to your dishes in the month.
Priya Suresh said…
Thats a fabulous pick to kick start this marathon Pradnya, and this baked pasta makes me hungry, my kids will definitely this dish without any fuss.
Unknown said…
good one to start the mega marathon. american goulash looks inviting..
Ritu Tangri said…
Goulash looks super inviting. One thing is good about this mega marathon is, we come to know about the unheard dishes even.Since I'm not much exposed to World's cuisines, it's a good learning time for me.

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