Zucchini Palak Gote/ Zucchini Palak Fritters

Hiding veggies into snacks is good way to start the kids on new vegetables. My theme for this week is snacks with hidden veggies for our cooking carnival.

Gote is a popular gujrathi snack prepared prepared using fenugreek leaves. I tweaked the recipe a bit knowing my kid loves gote ( minus the black pepper)

But he eats too much of methi/ fenugreek in my view considering he also likes theplass and methi mutter masala as well. 

I was running out of methi one day so I added grated zucchini to the batter I had prepared. Then I realised the fellow will check for the methi - missing methi. 

So I added some palak...anyway....my fellow isnt fussy about eating vegetables as long as the end product tastes good....but I know a lot of kids do not. So this recipe is for those little ones.

2 cups chana dal/ split bengal gram
1/2 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn coriander seeds crushed coarsely
1 tspn black pepper broken roughly
1 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds 
1/2 tspn baking soda
a pinch of asafoetida
1 banana ripe 
1 cup chopped spinach leaves 
1/4 cup grated zucchini
salt to taste
Oil to cook
1) Soak the chana dal for 10 hours or so. Grind it corasely using little water
2) Add the rest of the ingredients, except oil. 
3) Now make a smooth batter by mixing it gradually. Add water only if needed. The batter needs to be thicker than dosa or cake batter
4) Heat oil until it is hot, then reduce the flame to low medium
5) Now make small balls of the batter and drop it one after the other. Do not put many just about 4-5 at a time. Cook on low flame until it is golden brown.


The gotas sound innovative , great that your kiddo is not fussy .
Harini R said…
Wow! That is a such an interesting and healthy mixture of veggies !
That is awesome that the kiddos love methi. Mine don't mind it, but they don't love it. Love the idea of using zucchini and spinach in the gotes.
Gayathri Kumar said…
This sounds like a perfect snack to add veggies. Looks so delicious..
Srividhya said…
wow zucchini and palak unique combo.. good one.
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, this totally a different snack to enjoy the goodness of the zucchini and spinach, well done Pradnya.
Srivalli said…
I love gotes..and wonderful that you sneaked in vegetables!
Kalyani said…
whats the diff betn pakoras and Gotas ? Thicker batter ?? this sounds like a super delish to sneak in karela even :) both my kids love Zucchini though and this is surely bookmarked :)
Palak and zucchini gote looks a wonderful appetizer to relish with a cuppa tea.
MySpicyKitchen said…
I never tried gotas but banana in the ingredients intrigued me. Love all the veggies and flavors that went into it. And they have some out so good. Just by the look, you can pass them around as kheema balls as well 😊
Archana said…
Just because lil fellow eats just about anything you are being sneaky? But I know what you mean. I do it to mine too. Gota are new to me will try the regular ones first o see the reception.
Smruti Ashar said…
Wow these look so lovely. Palak and zucchini is perfect to make them :)
My elder one doesn't mind, he would love as along it is tasty, but my lil one will examine the food,check for green leaves, pick it out and eat. would you believe, if i say, he peels the skin off the grapes before popping them in his mouth! anyways these gote sound like a recipe for my lil one!!!
Ritu Tangri said…
I love those dishes that can befool my kids and make them eat the veggies they don't like otherwise. Thanks for sharing gota with veggies
Pavani said…
Wow zucchini and palak in gote sounds delicious. I think my kids will like these.

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