Sattu Laddoo/ Roasted gram flour laddoo

My family ran out of steam when I mentioned about sattu parathas...the frowning glances between the man and boy gave me potful of worry as I looked at my fresh batch of sattu powder.

I am on mission to eradicate all the bags and pouches sitting in my refrigerators. Now with the addition of another pouch, I wondered the alternatives. I read about Sattu drinks but knowing my families preferences and looking at the thandai mix bottle sitting in one corner of the refrigerator I wondered about another drink mix.

I played around with this flour for some days, sometimes adding sugar granules and giving it as a side snack with cup of milk or making a jaggery ball rolled in sattu to munch when engrossed watching a favorite TV show.

I realised these means will take a year for me to finish off 500 gms of sattu. 

Then came this recipe, I experimented with couple of versions I found through various sources. The final one is where neither boy nor man believe it is made of sattu.

2 cups Sattu Flour/ Roasted split grams flour
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup powdered cashews and almonds meal
1 tspn cardamom powder
1 cup clarified butter / ghee
1) Using a seive, sift the flour and sugar. 
2) Add the cashew and almond meal and mix well.
3) Next add the cardamom powder and mix
4) Warm the ghee till it is melted completely
5) Add this to the flour mixture and using a fork mix it well.
6) Let it cool down a bit. Now try making balls using the mixture, If it holds shape, then roll them gently to make laddoos. If not, try adding a little more ghee. Do not add more.
7) Garnish with nuts of choice while rolling the laddoos.

These stay good for weeks and taste very much like besan laddoo.


Kalyani said…
U won't believe ! My family has had their fill of sattu flour in tikkis n sherbets so I almost threw the packet away this morn ! I too have too many packets :((

This looks delish n my kids love ladoos is ALL forms ! Thx Fr a great idea 😊😊
Gayathri Kumar said…
We make a similar laddu and I love it so much. The powdered cashews must have masked the flavour of sattu. These ladoos look so delicious..
I love these ladoos , sattu is very flavorful and its ladoo would be exotic . Now even I have a big bag of sattu flour that I got from Bihar , definitely I am trying these now , tempting ones .
Usha said…
Laddus are very tempting. If I could, would grab the plate from the screen. Nice way to use up the sattu flour. Also good to know boy and the man of the house enjoyed these.
We do make a same kind of ladoo in our households.Simple yet fabulous ladoo..
Priya Suresh said…
Omg, those laddoos looks absolutely prefect and ultimate. We too prepare this roasted gram laddoo.
Srividhya said…
Delicious.. love that perfect round shapes.
Harini R said…
Amazing laddu Pradnya.
This is definitely a gulit free indulgence. Love the sattu laddoos.
I once made sattu fudge and loved it. The ladoos looks amazing.
Archana said…
OMG these are amazingly delicious. Love the simplicity of the recipe.
Smruti Ashar said…
I am yet to explore Sattu. Your ladoos look super awesome!
Suma Gandlur said…
I too thought of those laddus Tamilians make when I read your recipe title. Your version Laddus are looking real gorgeous.
Pavani said…
Those laddoos look amazing.
Srivalli said…
I like the colour of this laddoo..has turned out like besan laddoos right...

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