Oregano Salt Garlic Powder - Pizza Topping (Dominos style)

For the second day of the last week of cooking carnival, I am sharing the easy recipe of oregano salt powder served with pizzas by Dominos.

My son came home telling me one day saying that he wants oregano bread for short recess.

My enthu led me to bake a whole bread with dried oregano flavor which he promptly rejected saying this is not "that". Our search for "that" oregano bread went on for many months - focaccia, bread butter with pizza mix, pizza bread, garlic bread sticks got made

Then one day...when i was roasting the pav bun for pav bhaji and little one strolled into the kitchen saying, dont roast....just apply butter and oregano. I did that and he did not like the taste. Then I sprinkled a packet of the dominos pizza topping which worked....it did not take me long to make this masala at home and he is now hooked to this...which will last for a year knowing his taurian traits.

2 tbsp dried oregano
2 tbsp dried basil leaves
1 tbsp dried rosemary
1 tbsp chilli flakes
4 tbsp garlic powder
2 tbsp coarse salt 
1) Lightly roast all the herbs on very low flame
2) Let it cool down completely.
3) Mix the rest of the ingredients
4) Store in air tight

Use this as a topping on breads, pizzas or chapatis


Usha said…
Flavorful spice mix for pizza or any bread.
Gayathri Kumar said…
That is a nice flavourful spice mix..
interesting and flavorful mix.
Kalyani said…
Does this taste EXACTLY like dominos pradnya ? My kids r crazy about the sachets that come with it and they use it on almost everything ! Will give this a shot :))

And I have a taurean at home so know what u mean that this will last an year :-))))
Harini R said…
An interesting and flavorful spice blend.
Priya Suresh said…
Such a fabulous spice mix, excellent post Pradnya.
Kalyani said…
I think I commented before --anyways...

Does this taste EXACTLY like the dominos sachets ? Will try this soon n surprise the kids
Suma Gandlur said…
Your kid sure knows what he likes and what he doesn't. That is a flavorful topping.
Srividhya said…
great spice mix for pizzas..
Ritu Tangri said…
flavorful spice mix to make sandwiches, pizza, bread turn delicious
Smruti Ashar said…
That is one flavorful blend of spices! Lovely.
Pavani said…
That's a very flavorful pizza spice mix.
Archana said…
Knowing the kiddo he is right on the target. Sounds awesomely delicious.
Srivalli said…
Even my elder twin is hooked to this one and I used to make it..getting the garlic powder was a tough one as its expensive and I didn't use it in anything later...good one to have on the shelves..

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