Kesar Pista Kulfi

Continuing the icecream series, I made the indian version of frozen dessert. The popular kulfi...if you really want the best quality you need to work on it meticulously. It cannot be reducing milk in a ziffy or adding short cuts like pedhas, rabdis. The kulfi making process will be successful only when you get a creamy texture yet very light icecreamy feel to it. 
Most matka kulfis are lump of frozen rabdis. Personally given a choice- I never go for a Kulfi, it takes a lot of effort for people to feed me will rarely see me eating this dessert at weddings or parties. I have no particular reason as such ...because, if I do happen to taste it , then it takes an effort to stop eating as well...I think it is the look of it that I am not very fond of. The way it is served - either as a disc or cone or in matka..something about it does not click with me easily.

But like every food item on this blog, I have fond memories of this maternal Grandfather was a very strict man...not the typical grandfathers carrying kids on arms and shoulders. We never ventured in the room that he sat. Even the infants preferred to sleep when he was around is what I remember or presume...not exaggerating but that was the aura he created. He was a very popular and renowned business man of his time shuttling between the larger family at his home town and Mumbai. Because my mother was the only kid staying in Mumbai, she often visited him along with us, mainly to check on his food and other things. Like his words, even his food habits were pretty rare...
Coming back to the kulfi part, this is one thing that surprised me crazy...if you have ever been the mumbai chowpatty - not the Juhu stretch but the bombay central chowpatty - you would find kulfiwaalas carrying a large pot on their heads. These pots use to have kulfi stored in aluminium moulds. They were served chopped, on grandfather actually used to treat us to this like once in a year...the kulfi wala used to sit on steps of his living room for hours feeding us his varieties, talking to him. I still remember how suddenly the 6 feet tall man with cat like eyes felt like a grandfather to me ... 

500 ml + 250 ml whole full fat milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 pinch of saffron threads
2 tbsp crushed pistachios

1) Bring the 500 ml milk to full boil in a non stick large pan.
2) Then reduce the flame and let it simmer for 20-25 min or until it has reduced to half. Keep stirring in between to scrape down the skin formed on the edges, stir it in as it will otherwise make your kulfi grainy later
3) In the mean time, in a small bowl, take a tspn of the warm milk and dissolve the saffron in it. Using the back of the spoon try to mash up a couple of threads to get the deep orange color.
3) Add the remaining 250 ml milk and sugar to the reduced milk. This technique helps u get a creamier kulfi as it gives the consistency of condensed milk. Also you need lesser sugar as you have used natural sweetness of milk bu reducing it
4) Now also add chopped pistachios and dissolved saffron , let it cook for 5-10 min more to get the flavors in
5) Now prepare your moulds by running them under tap water
6) Carefully pour in your kulfi moulds and set the caps. If you dont have moulds, you can use a stainless steel box lined with butter paper. Pour the mixture and cover the lid
7) Set it in freezer overnight.
8) Let it stand for 2-3 min at room temperature. De-mould by running under tap water

Serve with more sprinkled pistachios...

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When it comes to kulfis , i must say i have loads and loads of memories like you 😊 . The kulfi looks well made and a hit flavor with the older generation .
Kalyani said…
lovely to read about ur grandpa, Pradnya ... with a demeanour like that , one wouldn't be sure whether to eat the kulfi or not, isnt it ? :) I am not too fond of this dessert as also my kids. However, my mom has been asking me to make this for sometime now. perhaps, this is a great dish to refer !!
Ritu Tangri said…
My recent fav.... it's always in my fridge... Just love it. Will try with your method of adding some milk afterwards
Srivalli said…
I guess a treat like kulfi does bring out our the colour and texture of your kulfi..very nicely done..
Gayathri Kumar said…
Even I have fond memories of kulfi from my childhood and I remember my dad when ever I make this. Yours looks so tempting..
The name kulfi makes us feel nostalgic na.Love the keasri color of the kulfi.
Usha said…
Enjoyed reading your memories. Kulfi has come out very well.
Priya Suresh said…
Omg, the weather is killing us and your kulfi is just torturing me now Pradnya, feel like finishing that bowl.
veena said…
I love kulfi and i still havent yet prepared this at home. Drooling here
My kids love these kulfi and make it often.Perfectly made kulfi and it got a lovely color..
Harini R said…
My all time fav matka kulfi :) Yours looks perfect!
Kulfis are my favorite ice cream and I prefer this anytime over the regular ice creams. Looks so creamy and delicious!
Archana said…
I prefer kulfi to ice cream but don't like the ones that break your teeth. ;D Your memories are very vivid Pradnya. Love them. As for the kulfi it get made in the next season.
Srividhya said…
slurppp slurpppp. yum I love this flavor very much. :-)
Suma Gandlur said…
I guess kulfis make you nostalgic. Your version looks creamy and perfect.
Suja Ram said…
Kesar lists Kulfi is my obsession Pradyna. And yours look divine.
Smruti Ashar said…
I love kulfis and this Kesar Pista studded one is awesome. Lovely pick for the theme!
I could literally imagine the kulfi wala story happening in front of my eyes!! LOL, good food, good memories!!!
Kulfi looks delicious, i always love them the traditional way, no shortcuts for me!!!
Unknown said…
I too share the same memory. I have also had kulfis from those aluminium moulds by the beach-side. Now I miss them... Awesome recipe
Pavani said…
What a creamy and delicious kulfi. Love it.

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