Garlic Bread (Dominos Style)

Second in the series of baked version for kids, I made the most popular bread with my little one.My fussy little boy has issues with all purpose flour based dishes. While I secretly admire it but then it restricts me many a times. 

I have practically given up on APF except for a hand ful recipes. Todays bread is the form of garlic sticks we get from Dominos. There are variations you could do like stuffing it with vegetables or cheese.

1 Portion of Pizza Dough (refer notes below)
1 tbsp mixed herbs of choice (oregano, basil, rosemary) 
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp butter
1 tspn crushed garlic
1 tspn chilly flakes 

1) Roll out the Pizza dough and let it sit aside for 20 min to rise.
2) Cream the butter with crushed garlic  and later spread it on the pizza bread
3) Now fold over the flat bread. Lightly press the edges.
4) Brush some olive oil on top and sprinkle some herbs of choice. Also sprinkle crush chilly flakes
5) Using a sharp knife cut 1 inch strips across the length.
6) Bake it for 15 min at 200C in a preheated oven. 
7) Brush with more butter and serve hote with cheese sauce or ketchup

For Pizza dough, you can mix up APF flour in 2:1 proportion with luke warm water. For every 200 gms of flour add about 7 gms or 1 tspn of active yeast , 1 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp Olive oil or butter. You can replace some flour with semolina or add 1 tspn of vital wheat gluten.

for pizza dough - Mix and set aside. After 20 min knead with all power. Rest for 30 min before using it.
1.5 cups Bread flour/ APF/ Maida
1 tspn dry active yeast
2 tbsp Olive oil
3/4 cup luke warm water
1 tbsp sugar


That's a interesting version Pradnya . Even we do not use APF but once in a while indulge into its goodies .
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, am drooling over that garlic bread, its been a while i baked this dominos style garlic bread. Tempting me.
Harini R said…
I am sure the kids will have a fun time with this garlic bread.
Usha said…
Garlic bread looks wonderful!! How lucky, the little one doesn't like APF.
Srividhya said…
Love the multipurpose use of pizza dough. Awesome
Kalyani said…
Good to know he's restricting APF usage ; it's tough though on moms :)) this bread looks very inviting ! My kids simply love this
Suma Gandlur said…
I think any kid would appreciate it. I am awed by the fact that your kid is able to differentiate between apf and other flours' based baked. Usually it's the other way around and kids reject whole wheat based stuff.
Smruti Ashar said…
This is by far my favorite order at Dominos :) I loved your version!!
Archana said…
Wish my kids were like your son Pradnya. They worship APF !!! BTW I love this bread that you have baked here. Must make it for the APF lovers.
Pavani said…
My kids will devour this garlic bread. Looks great.
Srivalli said…
This is my kids favorite too..very nicely baked!

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