Choco chips and Almond Praline Icecream with honey comb wafer chips - Without machine

I return back to my blog after a loooong hiatus with the much awaited mega marathon.
This time it is a cooking carnival with interesting concept of themes per week. This means you get to read minimum of 27 recipes across different categories.

I chose to make 5 different themes each week. The first week is a short week will kick start with icecream. 

My family can survive on icecreams so they were equally excited to be part of this process 

During my 10th standard, I used to attend weekend classes for maths and science, more because it was a norm. Each sunday, after 5-6 hours of heavy duty mathematics, me and my best friend, used to take off to the icecream parlor, pooling our pocket money meant for snacks/ breakfast. This was a time, when soft serve icecreams were still in rage and baskin robins was still finding a footing on Indian icecream stage. There was this entrepreneur sardarji, who converted his little shop into making delicious sundae combinations. You name it and he had it even back then...he used to bring in lot of candies and chocolates to invent new flavors. Last week when I was doing icecream special theme, I thought about him and also went to that area which infact falls on my way to my mother's place. I was tempted to check whether the shop still existed- while the shop did, I did not find the Sardarji and neither any of the owners looked like his kids. 

The icecream shop still has plenty of flavors but the excitement was lost for me..

I think, at home, I did get charged up about the icecream part though, considering that I wanted to make much more than regular vanilla icecream.

This was my favorite flavor and still stands to be . You can play with any flavors  using this method

for icecream
200 gm full fat cream
200 gm condensed milk
1 tspn vanilla extract
50 gm dark chocolate

for almond praline
50 gm almonds (roasted and chopped)
2 tbsp sugar

for honey comb chips
2 tbsp brown demerera sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp butter
1 pinch of baking soda

Honey Comb Rolls/ Chips
1) For honey comb, in a non stick pan, add the honey, butter and sugar and couple of tbsp water to dissolve the sugar. Now switch on the flame and let it cook until it starts boiling. 
2) The temperature should be roughly between 120 to 150c or the mixture should start bubbling. At this stage keep a greased stainless steel ready.
3) Now add the baking soda and quickly stir. Pour this mixture on the greased plate. If you want to make a brittle let the mixture cook till 150c, if you need to make some chips or artwork, take it off at 120c
4) When it cools down you can either roll it out or cut / break into small chips.

Almond Praline
5) For the almond praline, heat the sugar, dissolved in 2 tbsp water in a non stick pan. Do not disturb until the mixture turns deep amber in color.
6) At this stage, add the chopped roasted almonds and quickly stir it to coat it well
7) Let it stand for a while. Then break it into small parts

Icecream Base
8) For the icecream. whip the cream with vanilla extract until there are peaks formed - about 10 min on high speed and 4-5 min on low medium after that.
9) In another bowl, Mix the condensed milk with almond praline and mix well.
10) Gradually fold in the condensed milk into the cream. Pour this in a freezer safe box and refrigerate in deep freezer overnight.
11) Next day melt the dark chocolate in microwave or on double boiler.
12) Take the icecream box and use a fork scrape the top of the set icecream, while doing so start pouring the chocolate in a steady stream. As the icecream starts melting and the chocolate starts solidifying you will see uneven chips getting formed. If you wish to make a ripple like effect, let the icecream melt futher- keep mixing using the fork to get cream like texture and then add the chocolate this will get a ripple/ ribbon effect.
13) Return the box to freeze further for 4-6 hours.
14) Serve with honey comb chips on top.



Srivalli said…
Good to have you back Pradnya. That ice cream sounds so exotic!..I can relate the nostalgic feeling we get when we remember our childhood joints..I guess with time the place changes, yet the feeling we get remembering it, always stays the same..
What a lovely way to kick off the Mega Marathon! I am in love with the creamy icecream and can't wait to see the rest of the recipes in the series :)
Harini R said…
Lovely icecream and the praline makes it even more tempting.
veena said…
That is a lovely theme Pradnya and the ice cream looks very delicious. Waiting to see all the yummy recipes for the rest of the marathon
Who can resist ice creams and this one with almond praline and honeycomb sounds fantastic.Lovely theme.
MySpicyKitchen said…
Welcome back!! Flavored ice cream is irresistible. It must have tasted great with all those flavors.
Srividhya said…
Wow ice-cream to begin with..?? Great great great.. looking forward to your other recipes too.
Kalyani said…
Welcome back lady !!! Yes the weekend classes were such a chore , it was expected that everyone wd get into engg or medicine (of course like U did)... Lovely post to kick off an exciting series --- all of them master S approved 😊😊
Priya Suresh said…
Glad to have you back Pradnya, and icecream looks absolutely stunning to please my tastebuds. Feel like having few scoops rite now. Waiting eagerly for the other two icecreams.
Smruti Ashar said…
Such a wonderful ice cream with all the praline! Lovely start to the Marathon. Waiting to see what follows!
Such a tempting and wonderful ice cream.Looking forward to your recipes..
Suja Ram said…
Ice-cream with Almond Praline is just too tempting Pradnya. Loved reading your childhood memories..
Gayathri Kumar said…
That is an awesome dish to start the BM. Love the various components in the ice cream. Felt like reading a Master Chef recipe..
Super start ,delicious and tempting ice cream . All we can say is those old days , nostalgic memories , well executed.
Ritu Tangri said…
This ice-cream looks AH-MAZING! I’m betting my kids would fight for it!!
Archana said…
Welcome back. Love the icecream. This flavour being the girls favourite will be a hit with them. As for the honeycomb chips that is new to me. Will try it out.
Delicious ice-cream Pradnya. Love those toppings !!
Suma Gandlur said…
What an amazing way to kick start the event. The ice cream looks tempting.
Unknown said…
wow a wonderful kick-start to the mega marathon. That icecream is delicious...
Padmajha said…
Welcome back Pradnya! And what a delicious way to start the edition! Yes, like you said, the tutions were a norm back them though I was adamant not to attend any!
Pavani said…
What an inviting and tempting ice cream that is Pradnya. Delicious way to start the marathon.

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