Chai masala - Tea Masala powder

A sip of warm tea in any season spiced with a good dash of masala propels me through the challenges of the day. As much as I like the tea, I also like the masala chai.

Freshly ground masala at home is usually a culmination of leftover cardamom peels mixed with some more spices. Most tea brands are also bringing their own masala chai versions which is good as you are saved of mixing this and that but the cost of it is not worth the taste. I wont name brands here but being an ardent tea lover I have followed every new variant that comes to the market. 

I eventually settle down to regular black tea with my own added masala. 

For the final week of cooking carnival, I am sharing dry powders which you will almost always find in my kitchen round the year. These are few things that come handy when I have to deal during the rush morning hour. My kiddo loves tea once in a while, and I insist on giving him a light herbal tea infusion using the masala alone when he is under the weather....

1 cup dried  ginger powder
1/4 cup green cardamom
1/8 cup cloves 
1/8 cup black pepper
1" inch cinnamon stick (optional)
1 tbsp dried tulsi leaves (optional)
1 tbsp dried mint leaves (optional)
1) Lightly roast the cardamom pods with peel, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon stick on slow flame until it is aromatic
2) Now pulse them together with the dried ginger powder.
3) Store in airtight container

Use as required.

Usually 1/4 tspn works well for 1 cup of tea. 


Usha said…
I don't drink tea but this masala sounds flavorful and tea drinkers would love it.
Gayathri Kumar said…
Recently I have started making my own blend of chai masala. Your combination sounds so nice. Will add some of the ingredients you have mentioned to my masala and see how it tastes..
Tea lovers passion..chai masala!..perfect for winters and tea lovers.
Kalyani said…
I don't drink tea / coffee but for sure this is something tea drinkers would love ;) good theme for the week too
Srividhya said…
handy powder to have in the pantry.
Harini R said…
Love this homemade masala powder. I make a similar powder for the wintry days..
Priya Suresh said…
Prefect chai masala for tea lovers, extremely flavourful and prefect.
Suma Gandlur said…
Flavorful blend. I make something similar for my husband who loves spicy chais.
Ritu Tangri said…
I love masala chai, especially in winters...flavorful chai masala
Smruti Ashar said…
The Tea masala looks amazing!! I love my tea with chai masala :)
I do make this masala in winters fo my chai. Flavorful and healthy.
Pavani said…
I rarely drink tea but if someone makes me chai with this masala I would definitely drink it :-)
Archana said…
The only spices I like in my tea are ginger and lemon grass. But this one sounds deliciously interesting.. Must try it
Srivalli said…
So interesting to read about chai masala, even though I am not a tea person, I always write down the different recipes I come across..

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