Fresh Kachumbari/ Green Kachumbari

We make fresh salad using cucumber, tomatoes, onions chopped and mixed with curd, some times tempered garnished with crushed peanuts, corainder, chillies ...Finding a similar recipe felt nice. 

My biggest worry about attempting new cuisines is that I end up finding my trouble what appears to be a simple dish below, I was worried about avocado. The avocado has always ditched me....I always struggle to find the right time to cut it open.

This time around, I purchased this fruit a day ahead of when I wanted to make the kachumbari. Mentally preparing my self to discard 100Rs in the bin and at max use the raw or mushy inside only for the pictures. However, I was a tad luckier than I had expected to be....the avocado was nice and smooth like butter, a bit mushy with all the transport woes ...across countries I presume...

1 tomato chopped in wedges
1 cucumber peeled and cut in roundels
1 onion sliced 
1 fresh avocado - scooped and pulped
1 tspn lemon juice
2 tbsp Olive oil
salt to taste
Fresh herbs - basil, coriander, mint

1) Create a bed of the avocado pulp on the serving dish
2) Mix the vegetables in a bowl, add the olive oil, lemon juice and salt.
3) Serve the mixed vegetables on the avocado, garnish with fresh herbsa



I can eat this as my lunch. Love the crunchy kachumber.
Suma Gandlur said…
Wow Pradnya, you are able to dig out African recipes that sound similar to our versions. Kachumbari definitely is a refreshing salad.
Srivalli said…
Interesting salad...never used avocado in my cooking..still getting myself to the thought..:)
Gayathri Kumar said…
I have never had luck in finding the perfect avocado. It always goes waste and so I have stopped buying it. This salad looks so fresh and yum..
Usha said…
Pradnya, awesomejob on your research. You found so many recipes that are similar to Indian recipes. I would love this African salad any day.
Such a refreshing salad, love the ingredients that go in the salad, delicious:)
Shubha A said…
Delicious and so gorgeously presented:)
Unknown said…
Very refreshing salad, I can finish my lunch only with this nice choice..
Srividhya said…
Love the addition of Avocados. Fresh salads are always great.
Avocado in India always ditches...i have so many recipes with it but just dont get the right one...btw the salad looks nice .
Pavani said…
Love this simple and refreshing salad. I love avocado and will sure this salad out soon.
I did not know that there would be a salad in African cuisine like ours.Nice and refreshing salad.
Priya Suresh said…
Very refreshing salad, sound almost like our Indian versions na, excellent pick Pradnya.
Smruti Ashar said…
Interesting kachumbari recipe Pradnya! Loved the use of avocado in it :)
rajani said…
I also never had any luck with avocado back in India, it's only here that I've been getting lucky. I don't think it survives the transportation very well.
Kalyani said…
Wow ! Similar sounding names .. Kachumber and this now !! Interesting use of avocado
Padmajha said…
Wow Pradnya! You have managed to find dishes similar to our cuisine. Salad looks so refreshing..
Looks refreshing ! ! So beautifully presented too!!
veena said…
Lovely presentation. Looks perfect for this weather here

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