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Zucchini Fritters

Yellow pepper, harissa and pine nuts moroccan pizza

Xotic Moroccan mint tea

Warm Roasted Vegetables Couscous salad

Vegetables Stuffed with Couscous

Urban Spiced Carrots Moroccan way

Tender Coconut Paletas

Spinach Corn and Cheese Empanadas

Roasted Mexican Almonds


Pulav Mexican Style/ Mexican Paella/ Mexican Rice

Orange Sauce/ Mexican Orange Brocolli

Nut Cake

Melting Moments Cake

Lentil Soup/ Scottish Lentil Soup/ English lentil Soup

Kedgeree/ Scottish Khichdi/ English Style Porridge Rice / Vegetarian

Jam Roly Poly/ Scottish Steamed Pudding with custard

Iced Cherry Cake/ Scottish Cherry Cake/ Glace Cherry cake

Hot Sauce / Pili pili sauce

Green Stir fry - kenyan style/ Sukuma Wiki/ Green Collards stir fry

Fresh Kachumbari/ Green Kachumbari

East African Beverage/ Kenyan Chai/ East African Tea

Doughnuts African Style/ Kenyan Dough nuts/ Coconut Doughnuts - Mahamri

Chips Masala/ Kenyan Street food/ Potato sticks in spicy gravy

Biriani/ Kenyan Biryani/ East African Rice

African Cornmeal Mush - Ugali/ African corn bread/ African Staple