Sour Cherry caramelised jam

Scandinavian region thrives on fresh jams and jellies. The fact that plenty of berries grow out there they have every reason to use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One of my colleague once shared a recipe, using red currants which her family made for special occasions. She said, they use it to rub the meat before and after roasting it. She insisted that I should try it with indian spices mixed in it whenever I make it.

Since we dont make meat and roasting vegetables is not yet the in was always out of my make do list

But this week, when I am presenting condiments, I was sure about sharing one sweet jam or marmalade recipe. I make jams at home pretty often, whenever we get seasonal fruits or when there is a papaya lying in excess, I just mix a couple of fruits in it.

This one does not taste like a regular fruit jam which is sweet It has an element of charred taste in it. But I decided to give it a try using a small batch of sour cherries.

My husband loved the taste and surprisingly did the little one. There is little more sugar in it so I use it on sandwiches and add plain cheese slices to counter balance both the sweet and bitter taste. Bitter! did I say it is bitter, not really the bitter gourd types, but the caramel custardy bitter ..yes it is!

2 cups pitted sour cherries
1. 5 cup sugar
1 tspn vanilla essence
1 tspn lemon juice

1) In a non stick pan, throw in the sugar, and let it melt, do not disturb it.
2) When the color becomes amber, start swirling the pan, avoid letting it become any shade darker.
3) Add the pitted cherries with skin and gently mix once.
4) You will have to constantly stir it as there is no water and it may soon become lumpy.
5) If you absolutely feel like, add a couple of teaspoons of water to get it going
6) When the cherries dry up, let it cook for another 10 min or so on very low flame. Keep stirring occasionally
7) The consistency should be little smore stickier than usual jams.
8) Add the vanilla essence and lemon juice at this stage and mix well. The gelling process will happen as soon as you add the lemon juice.
9) Mix well and switch off. Let it cool down

Store in sterilised jar and use on breads, cookies or cakes...


Cherry jam looks inviting ,just like store bought.
Looks wonderful Pradnya...I am yet to try my hands on jams.
MySpicyKitchen said…
Jam looks like store bought jam. I never cooked with tart /sour cherries. I should very soon.
Srivalli said…
Sounds like a perfect thing to stock..good one Pradnya..enjoyed your series..
Sandhiya said…
Looks absolutely delicious & mouthwatering Jam. Well made, looks like store brought one.
Anonymous said…
tarty jam looks so inviting and chuncky. good one
Anonymous said…
tarty jam looks so inviting and chuncky. good one
Priya Suresh said…
Mindblowing jam, this jam looks more prefect than the store bought ones.
Archana said…
Looks yum sounds delicious.

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