Chocolate Biscuit Cake

When your kid watches doraemon again after a break, you wonder what attracts them back to older cartoons. As adults we love to watch some cartoon series as it brings back older memories but if a 6 year old craves to catch up on something he liked as 3 year old, you wonder about the reasons. He explained that during summer vacations he has been watching more TV than other days so he picked a channel that runs longer running series for continuity- and here I expected some miracle for an answer.

Never mind the rant, but the dora cakes gave me the idea to make a quick snack for my own gadget freak

1 packet monaco biscuits/ salty crackers
1 cup peanut butter chips / peanut butter
100 gms dark chocolate 
1) Melt the dark chocolate on double boiler or in microwave and set aside
2) Take 2 biscuits and sandwich the peanut chips or butter between it
3) Using a spatulae secure the biscuits by covering chocolate on the sides.
4)Dip the sandwich in chocolate bowl to coat it completely
5) Let it rest on greased baking tray
6) Repeat for rest
7) Store in air tight container and refrigerate for few hours
8) Remove and store at room temperature 

Watch it disappear


praba said…
nice cake to divert kids for sure...looks so nice...
Kalyani said…
I like his answer, Pradnya :) wouldn't have expected less from him !!

These crackers look great :))
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, wat a brilliant idea, god this cute cake is very irresistible.
Interesting ones Pradnya!
Such a wonderful and easy easy cake . Kids would love it..
Harini R said…
Great for chocolate lovers, I am sure.
Archana said…
Haha dont youwatch something and want continuity? He is correct. Like the dora cakes btw . Mine will like them as she is a doremon fan.
rajani said…
Voohoo! Chocolate covered biscuits and TV to go along with... Who wouldn't love that!
Usha said…
Lived his answer. Chocolate cake is so simple to make & a yummy recipe. Kids would love this. I should fwd the recipe to my sil.
Pavani said…
Yumm, what a yummy looking chocolate biscuit cake.
What a lovely recipe with biscuits :)
quick and yumm snack, must be sweet, salty, peanutty, chocolatey, ooohh lots of flavors bursting in a bite!!
Chef Mireille said…
the mix of salty and sweet must be so good
Padmajha said…
The lil one is cute for sure! And this cake is such a treat for the handsome guy :)
Cute looking biscuit cake.
veena said…
Such a delicious chocolate biscuit cake!!
Sowmya :) said…
That's a lovely idea! Yumm and easy!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
These biscuit cakes are definitely kid-friendly.

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