Tea Masala Crispy Cookies/ Whole Wheat Crispy Chewy Cookies

I have not experienced disaster while baking a cake so far, there have been episodes of sunken cake, burnt base, extra sweet cake or at times bland cakes but nothing that calls for a memoir. The point is you can do a lot with those cakes than discard them like sunken cake, can be used up in trifle, burnt base can be trimmed off, extra sweet cake can be topped with whipped cream with out sugar and bland ones can be filled with icing etc

However, cookies, biscuits have always kept me on toes. I have a tendency to ruin them. My malfunctioning brain does not follow recipes and then that leads to experimentation and eventually catastrophe. 

During one such episode I found this recipe which touchwood has never failed me. The original recipe is called ginger crispy which has a hint of ginger ofcourse. I made them and liked them a lot so I repeated the same recipe with many spices and herbs in batches - cinnamon, elaichi, allspice and also chai masala. Today's batch is made with chai masala as I personally like that flavor, You can easily replace it with ginger powder

With this recipe for Blogging Marathon ,  I will also introduce the popular english favorite - Golden Syrup into baking series. In India it is available as liquid golden glucose (there is regular glucose and golden glucose). I have used that as well, but it is a task to store it considering it comes in polythene pack. I picked my jar from recent trip and was itching to use it until I remembered this recipe.

The recipe has a crunchy exterior and chewy interior. You may not here a snap when you break the cookie in two but once you eat it you can feel the lacey texture of the cookie which comes from the golden syrup. It is slightly sweet in taste but works perfect with my cup of green tea

130 gms Whole wheat flour - I measured out 150gm but used as required and measured the remaining to note the actual amount required for me- You need to follow the recipe to know what kind of dough we are looking at
50 gms Butter (If using unsalted add a pinch of salt to the flour)
50 gms caster Sugar
4 tbsp Golden Syrup
1 tspn Chai Masala (dry ginger , cardamom, clove, black pepper dry roasted and ground in the ratio if 3:1:1:1) / 1 tspn ginger powder
1 tspn baking powder
1 pinch of baking soda

1) In a pan add butter, sugar and golden syrup and heat it until it melts about 3-4 min
2) Let it cool down a bit
3) Mix the flour with baking powder, soda, chai masala and mix well
4) Add the flour a couple of tbsp at a time and start binding it together using a spatula. After incorporating about 3/4 of the flour use your hands to knead the dough. The texture of the dough is like a marzipan dough or like kaju katli dough, soft more like a paste
5) Stop adding flour when the dough starts feeling slightly dry. If it does become very dry try kneading it using your palms to melt the syrup and butter and make it moist.
6) Now make small balls of the dough and place on greased baking sheet
7) Bake them at 180c in preheated oven for 15 min.
8) Let it stand in the oven for 2 more minutes after switching it off.
9) Now remove on tray and let it cool down

Store in airtight container

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Well all of us have some disasters while baking But still you have a perfect solution to them😊like these cookies they look melt in the mouth kinds.
Unknown said…
wow those cookies will be so perfect with tea!!! they look very tempting!!
Srivalli said…
Very nicely baked Pradnya..guess we could have a series where you show how and ways to re use a cake..:)..
Usha said…
Sometimes experiments give wonderful results. Glad you liked a keeper recipe during one of your experiments.
Unknown said…
that is so addictive!!! would love to munch these with tea!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
That chai masala flavor sounds interesting and the cookies look crispy.
Where there are experiments there are disasters. Your spicy cookies sound delicious.
Kalyani said…
In spite of my reservations towards buttery cookies, that's one treat I would love to bite into ...
Srividhya said…
You are all tempting me to make me these cookies. Great ones
Ms.Chitchat said…
Perfect cookies
Sneha's Recipe said…
Perfect tea time cookies.
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, i can have these cookies happily with a cup of masala tea, loving it.
Harini R said…
Very creative Pradnya. Love these cookies.
Perfectly baked cookies perfect with s cup of tea..
Pavani said…
Lovely looking cookies and the cookie flavors you mentioned sound so amazing -- especially these chai spiced and the cardamom flavored ones. Bookmarked.
Rajani S said…
Raise your hand...bcos I want to hi-five! I feel the same about cookies and I really agree about the cakes. Good t know you have a foolproof recipe, I thought i had one, until I goofed it up as well :D. I love the sound of ellaichi in a cookie.
ahh yes, cookies, they are a bit naughty, i have my episodes of burnt cookies, can't eat them can't toss them, real dilemma!!!
These cookies look very cute and must be a great company with hot tea!! :)
Perfect accompaniment to evening tea/coffee! Love the idea of using the chai spice in the cookies!
Gayathri Kumar said…
Delicious cookies Pradnya. Looks like a perfect match to tea...

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