Stuffed Naan/ Baked Naan/ Baked Flat Bread

The fun about baking , when you learn and adopt it in your every day cooking is that , you get to make some of the dishes that you never felt could be made at home.
One of the things being the tandoor based dishes. Now with so many easy mini barbeques available for home cooking it has become even easier to attempt this at home.
Today I wish to share one recipe that works very well with both kids and adults (i dont have to use plural here really!)

You may call this Naan or kulcha or paratha, but I call it Naan as it has that stretchy chewy feel when you bake it just under 5 min and a crispy crust when you do it for perfect 8 min on one side. Brush with oil or butter and it is ready to be devoured. You can add whatever stuffing you like, the below potato based filling works for me a lot

And remember right we are doing baking theme for this month and you can have as many as 26 options to chose from each day..

2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup APF/ Maida
2 tbsp curd
2 tspn instant yeast
2 tbsp sugar
1 tspn salt 
1 cup luke warm water
3 tbpn Olive Oil

For stuffing
4 medium sized potatoes (boiled, peeled and mashed)
1 small onion finely chopped
2 tspn fresh mint roughly chopped
2 tspn fresh coriander roughly chopped
1 tspn dry mango powder
1 tspn green chilly paste
1 tspn salt
1 tspn garam masala

1) In a bowl, mix all the stuffing ingrediets together and mix well. Set aside
2) In another large bowl, mix all the dough ingredients together.  Knead well for about 8-10 min
3) Cover and set aside in a warm dry place covered with kitchen towel.
4) When it doubles in size, knead the dough lightly and make small balls - about 6 -7
5) Make equal batches of stuffing
6) Roll out the dough into flat rolls and place the stuffing. Cover it from all sides. Roll it out flat to about 1/2 inch thickness in tear drop shape.
7) Repeat for remaining
8) Place them on baking sheet sprayed with non stick oil. 
9) Preheat oven at 200C. 
10) Place as many as you can on the baking sheet and bake. Brush with oil if you like. 
11) After 6-8 min, flip over and bake for another 2 min or so

Serve the ready Naan brushed with butter.

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Usha said…
Serve it with some yogurt and it is one satiating meal
Suma Gandlur said…
The naans make a yummy, filling meal.
The well stuffed naans are very tempting Pradnya. Unfortunately I have never tried since we have the tandoor, but this post is tempting me to bake .
Have not tried stuffed naan before but it is a pleasure to eat homemade naan. Your stuffed version is a meal on its own.
Kalyani said…
Yet to make naan with an OTG ! Will try soon ..
Srividhya said…
wow stuffed baked naan. amazing. Love it with that butter.
Priya Suresh said…
Definitely a filling naan, even i love baked ones..
veena said…
I have never baked a naan and this post of yours is tempting me to do so
Looks too good and I just love the stuffed version :)
Srivalli said…
Stuffed Naans look so inviting pradnya, I have baked plain naans, yet to try stuffing..very nicely done
Unknown said…
that is super tempting.. i have made plain naans... should try the stuffed ones!!
Amazing naan, that too stuffed one. Yumm.. Bookmarking this Delicious recipe dear..
Filling looks tempting!! Never tried baking a naan, should try sometimes!!!
Gayathri Kumar said…
Perfect naan. I will be happy to be served this for dinner...
Yummy looking naan,yet to try the oven method..
Pavani said…
Love these stuffed naans -- perfectly made.
Archana said…
Okay this is amazing idea that only you can come up with. Love it will try it out.

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