Garlic Butter Stuffed Bread Stick

Garlic bread is a popular starter item on most restaurants menu especially when they serve pizzas or pastas. While most end up serving bruschetta and pass it off as garlic bread, there are few bakeries like Birdy's which make soft bread sticks stuffed with soft centre of garlic butter blob. While they stuff their breads with garlic butter after baking it, I like to bake mine with the stuffing inside

It is such an easy recipe that if you have been following us all through the 7 days this will pass off as a sleep walking  recipe

2 cups APF/ Maida
1 tspn instant yeast
2 tbsp oil
2 tspn sugar
3/4 cup warm water
salt to taste

For stuffing and topping
2 tspn mixed dried italian herbs
1 tspn rock salt coarsely ground
1 tspn black pepper
2 tspn fresh garlic ground to paste/ garlic powder
3 tbsp butter

1) Mix the stuffing ingredients using a fork and refrigerate it until you are ready to use it in the bread
2) Prepare the bread dough by mixing all ingredients and kneading it well for about 5-7 min
2) Cover the dough and let it rise until it is double in size. It took mine only 20-25 min.
3) When done, cut the dough in 6 small balls. Roll them out flat and long more like a rectangle about 8 inches in length and 4 inches in width. 
4) Now take the garlic butter and place a blob of it in the centre towards the edge on a side. Fold over and make a tight roll with little air in. Pinch the seam to secure it. Place the seam side down on the baking sheet which is lined with butter paper
5) Repeat for the rest. Cover with a towel and let it rest for another 30 min
6) Preheat the oven at 220C
7) Bake the breads for 8-10 min or until the top turns brown
8) Remove and rub with more butter and sprinkle dried herbs

A favorite accompaniment with penne arrabiata at my place...


Suma Gandlur said…
I am not a garlic fan but my husband is. Will try these rolls for him. :)
Baking with the garlic butter inside the bread sounds awesome. It must melt and spread while baking.
Usha said…
I like homemade bread sticks as we can customize the herbs to of preference. Stuffing garlic butter is a neat idea.
Rajani S said…
Does the butter firm up after its baked? Just curious. There is hardly anything at home and I was cracking my head for filling ideas for the dough I have! I am leaning towards nutella at the moment. But garlic butter seems to be a good option too. THe dilly-dallying has started :D!!
Would love yo taate this bread with garlic butter oozing out. Guilty? Well one would do no harm rt? Looks fabulous.
Suja Ram said…
Those Garlic stuffed buns are making me drool. I love these so much.
Kalyani said…
Garlic sticks and pasta - match made in heaven .. Am coming over to ur place soon to have both of these
Unknown said…
I want some right now!!! it is sooo tempting...
Flavorful and delicious looking bread sticks..
Harini R said…
Very nice and good looking rolls!
Srividhya said…
This bread sticks are so addictive. Great
Priya Suresh said…
Garlic butter inside bread stick, woww, i want some now.
That must be one flavorful bake!! Garlic butter inside with herbs must be such a delight to bite into!!
Sneha's Recipe said…
I am drooling over these bread sticks.
Srivalli said…
I love garlic and when baked it smells and tastes awesome!..very nice ones Prandya..
Rajani S said…
I saw your reply, but by then, I had already made this. The bread was Varada's whole wheat spiral bread. The filling was this one with cheese sprinkled on top of it. It was a gift for someone, so no pictures.
Gayathri Kumar said…
I think the whole bread will absorb the garlic butter. Must have tasted awesome...
We all love garlic in our house and this bread is amazing. My son would love this as he is the greatest garlic lover in the house :)
Pavani said…
Another super flavorful bread. Looks yummy!!
Archana said…
Okay I ma not a garlic fan but hubby loves it so this is a will do ( not a must do mind you) idea.;D

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