Pav/ Laadi Pav/ Vada Pav/

2 cups All purpose flour
1 tspn yeast (Instant/ Rapid)
1 cup milk
1 tspn milk powder (optional)
3 tbsp butter + extra
2 tbsp sugar
salt to taste

1) Heat the milk to about luke warm temperature. Add the sugar and dissolve in it. When you are able to touch the milk with finger, you are ready to add to the flour mixture. If using dry yeast, add to the milk at this stage, else go to step 2
2) In a large basin or flat surface, take the flour and add the salt ,yeast and milk powder to it. 
3) Now add the about 3/4 cup of milk to quickly gather the flour. It will be a very sticky flour, so you can using a steel blade or spatula to help you around. But keep kneading until all the flour is wet and mixed
4) Now add the remaining milk and continue kneading for about 3-4 min using the base of your palm.
5) If it unmaneageable, then use butter on your palms from the 3 tbsp reserved butter to aide kneading
6) Add the remaining butter and knead until the flour looks nice and glossy. Do not add more flour even if the batter is sticky, use the spatula to scrape it off. Gather it and put in a bowl and cover with cling film. Brush with some milk if the waether is to dry.
7) After it has doubled in size about - 45 -50 min later, grease you baking pan with butter and flour and keep it ready. Divide your dough in 3 parts and then each part in 3 more. This will give you about small size 9 pavs. 
8) You can start making small balls in the shape of pav with smooth surface and place it on the baking sheet at a distance of one finger in between.
9) Cover and let it rise for 1 hour or so. In the meanwhile preheat over at 200 c 
10) Place the pav in the oven and let it bake for 20 min or until the top is brown
11) Pull out and brush with butter. Serve soft delicious pav with bhaji or vada.


Priya Suresh said…
Pav buns came out extremely prefect, so spongy they are.
The bins have come out really well :)

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