Lemon Curd (eggfull)

The delicious creamy tangy looking lemon curd always fascinated me. But for 2 things that I kept me away from making it so far...1 I had never tasted one so assumed it would be some eggy smelly thing and 2 it seemed like an effort from the way most people described it.

If you are on similar zone, let me help you break the barriers between yourself and the most delicious dessert, topping, filling, icing or whatever you would like to call it..

When I picked the lemon theme, I knew it would be a tart or lemon icing that I will be making...but lemon curd just happened by chance...like a distant fading chip in my memory suddenly calling out to remind me of its existence....so I took it up and lapped it...

4 lemons (ripe)  regular indian lemons are just fine
3/4 cup caster sugar  Add more if you like
3 tbsp butter
1 egg whole
1 egg yolk
2 tspn water (optional)
zest of one lemons
1) In a non stick pan, add the lemon juice, lemon zest (green or yellow part only of the lemon peel), caster sugar. Dissolve the sugar by stirring, add water if you think the sugar needs it to dissolve faster
2) Now add the butter and switch on the flame, let it simmer until the butter has fully melted and the liquid comes to a running boil
3) While this happens, in another clean bowl, mix the egg and egg yolk . Beat until it is slightly frothy. No need to beat any harder
4) Now take the pan off the flame, and slowly stir in the the eggs in steady stream with one hand and constantly stirring with the other.
5) Put it back on the flame and let  it cook on low heat for 5 to 8 min. If it starts thickening it is fine. It will soon be creamy when you beat with a whisk.

You can now transfer this to a nice sterilized jar.

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I enjoy lemony citrusy combos with chocolate and the lemon flavor in desserts is awesome.
Usha said…
Even this was on my top of my list when I picked this theme but have not made it yet. Looks good and might end up doing it for the last day, as. I have not cooked for day 3 yet.
I love lemon curd. It's glorious yellow color is so pretty.
Srividhya said…
Love this dish.. very new to me.
Unknown said…
luscious lemon curd looks perfect !!
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, u made lemon curd with eggs, now am tempted to make some with eggs, love that pleasant yellowish colour.
Unknown said…
Lovely lemon curds
Unknown said…
I like lemon flavor in cakes and creams looks so creamy.
Pavani said…
Perfectly made lemon curd Pradnya.
Srivalli said…
Good one, though wish you had made it eggless for ppl like me..:(..anyway can enjoy the pics..
Unknown said…
Creamy, colorful and refreshing...Yum! yum! yum!!
Unknown said…
Flavorful, colorful & yummy lemon curd.
veena said…
This bm has given us both with and without eggs of lemon curd. Looks very nice

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