Turkish Meal

 I have a recipe book on Turkish cooking,some pages of which got stuck to each other and my husband thanked God for it. He felt I went about cooking every page except for the non vegetarian ones and stopped only when he pulled me out of the kitchen.

I dont think I did complete justice to the meal as I missed a lot of key dishes that a turk can be proud of but i tried. I would have liked to end with a qahwa or turkish amber tea but like I said, someone did not let me in the kitchen. 

The meal has 4 or 5 courses to be precise.

Pide is the famous turkish bread that falls somewhere between a naan and pizza.

Eggplant dip is similar to baba ghanoush or other similar dips but
has a distinct flavor of yogurt and garlic

Hummus is beautiful chickpea dip common in middle eastern cuisine.

Kebab sauce is actually a mixture of mayo, fresh mint, lemon juice, green chillies and salt You can also use it on bread as a spread

Tahini paste  is also homemade, which is simple paste of roasted white sesame seeds, I like to use unpolished sesame which lend a nice flavor and crunch

Chickpea Kebabs would surprise you with the texture and may not make you realise that there is no meat in there with the coarse texture

Green Peas Kebabs are not the same as our harbhara kababs, as I only excluded the meat from this mixture. The taste is different and awesome.

Zucchini Kebabs are more like fritters and yet they are kebabs. 

Cacik called as Jajik is a simple yogurt based dish. Which doubles up as a dip or salad.

Stuffed Vegetables with Rice is a simple dish that bursts of flavors when you take a bite.

Burghul Pilaf  is more like a salad but worked well as a middle course along side the stuffed vegetables

Garnished Rice is  as the name suggest beautiful
looking rice

Baklava is famous sweet that is now popular all over the world 




Usha said…
Wow, look at that spread, mind blowing! I am speechless! You cooked up a wonderful feast and love it. I am glad someone dragged you out of the kitchen.. :)
Wow! What an amazing spread! So many dishes! I cannot believe you made three types of kebabs! I have enjoyed reading through all the recipes. Fabulous effort!
Unknown said…
wow pradnya You rock girl :) again a fabulous platter and such an elaborate one ..very gud job done on the recipe selection :) lol glad some one was there to drag you out else the spread would have flooded .. only a tea right thats not a big thing you have made all those fabulous meal in one day is just mind blowing work !!
Srivalli said…
Lol, imagine that!..hahahah..your spread looks awesome and what a choice!..everything sounds amazing Pradnya..great job.
Priya Suresh said…
Omg, dont torture us like this.. actually i dunno wat to write, so many dishes and everything looks absolutely stunning, loads of efforts Pradnya and you rock..hats off.
Harini R said…
OMG ! this is truly unbelievable!! such a variety here!! Hats off to your patience!!
Chef Mireille said…
the first paragraph had me laughing so hard but he is right - my God you did so much work for this post!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
Loads of time and efforts must have gone in creating this wonderful spread. Kudos to you.
Padmajha said…
How did you manage to cook so many dishes Pradnya! Hats off to your skills :)
Archana said…
Wow what a mind boggling variety Pradnya. I dont know where to begin.Its awesome.
OmG! You are amazing .I can't even think of so much cooking.Well done ...

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