Soy Chunks Curry/ Carribean Curry

This is usually made with chicken but you can easily accomodate the soy chunks and enjoy this beautiful curry which is mildly spiced but leaves behind a lasting taste.

It works very well with Rice and Peas and jerk spiced proteins.

2 cups soy chunks cooked and drained (squeeze out the water)
1 large onion finely chopped
1 tspn garlic chopped
1 small green capsicum finely chopped
1 small red capsicum finely chopped
1 large potato peeled and cubed
1 tspn garam masala
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 tspn thyme 
1 tspn tobasco sauce (optional)
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tspn black pepper powder
salt to taste
a pinch of black pepper
 6 tbsp Curry Powder/ garam masala
 4 Cloves garlic, chopped finely
 1/4 Small red bell pepper, finely chopped
 1/4 Small green bell pepper, finely chopped
 1 Large cooking onion, chopped
 2 Tbsp Cooking oil
 1 tsp Cumin seeds, not powder (optional)
 1 tsp Dried thyme or 1 sprig fresh thyme
 1 Tbsp Tomato ketchup
 1 Tbsp West Indian pepper sauce (optional)
 3 cups Water
 2 Medium potatoes, cut in 6 pieces each

1) Take the cooked soy chunks in a bowl, add the salt , black pepper, garam masala and   season with 2tsp salt, black pepper, 3 Tbsp of curry powder and chopped garlic;
Let this stand for 30 min or so
2) In a deep pan, add oil. On high flame. add the cumin seeds, chopped onions, capsicum. Saute
3) Add the potatoes and put some water to cook through
4) Add the marinated soy chunks and all the sauces and thyme and 2 cups water.
5) After it comes to rolling boil, reduce and check consistency of the sauce. It should be slightly thick.
Serve hot with rice and peas.

To serve a complete carribean meal visit here

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That is one long list of ingredients. Looks spicy!
Srivalli said…
Lady you have put in so much efforts ..great job!..the curry looks so good..
Chef Mireille said…
nice curry - and very authentic with the use of thyme required spice in caribbean cooking
Kalyani said…
I love spicy food and this is a keeper :)
Usha said…
I have seen so many recipes for Jamaican curry and some had very few ingredients some had a very long list. Curry looks spicy and delicious.
Usha said…
I don't know if my last comment was posted. Anyway, curry look spicy and delicious!
that is one lonnggg ingredients list!!!! Curry looks tempting, might go very well roti's too i believe!! :)

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