Savoury Danish

With all the sweetness , I had to cut it out with a savoury version and it was well appreciated. We get these often at a bakery that we visit and I am not sure whether authentic danish pattiseries serve them...nevertheless I decided to make them along with the sweet ones. This is like a pizza rolled in..

Shape is again upto your imagination, but I made two of them. 


1 cup grated cheese cheddar / or any hard
1 tomato roughly chopped
1/2 cup jalapenos
1/2 cup paneer cubes
salt and paprika to taste


1) Roll out the dough in a rectangle 12 inch in length and 2 inch in width
2) Place the filling at a distance about 5 batches on on side
3) Cover the other side and seal the edges
4) Join the edges to make a circle
5) Using a sharp knife cut the gaps to expose the fillings
6) You can also create a pinwheel and cut the roundels and place them on a flattened pastry sheet.
7) Bake this in preheated oven for 15 minutes. When ready you may brush with milk or egg white to give it a glaze

Serve hot with ketchup

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It does sound a little like pizza in pastry dough. Yummy!
Priya Suresh said…
Savory pastry rocks, looks fabulous, have to give a try.
Srivalli said…
Wow I am sure I will love this as well!..looks so inviting pradnya..with all that sweet version, this savory will surely help..
Usha said…
Love the filling and am sure will like the savory pastry as well. Awesome cooking for a Danish breakfast.
Chef Mireille said…
you shaped them so creatively
Pavani said…
Love these savory danish as well :-)
Another array of beautiful pastries!
Padmajha said…
Love this savory version as well!
Archana said…
Love this version tooo! My kids will love this version more.
Unknown said…
It looks so delicious & very interesting for a breakfast.

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