Quetschentaart / Plum, Peach and Cherry tart from Luxembourg

Although this is from Luxembourg, I tasted it in the Netherlands, infact this tart , which looks and is essentially a pizza base, topped with fruits was cut as a birthday cake for a colleague at work

The taste was awesome so we did not complain. The recipe is one of the main cuisines for Luxembourg

2 cups all purpose flour
1 tspn active yeast
1 cup warm milk
a tspn salt 
1 tspn sugar
for topping
1 cup stoned plums
1 cup peeled and cored pears
2 cups cherries (of your choice)
2 tbsp sugar

1) In a bowl, mix the tart base ingredients (flour, yeast, sugar, salt and milk). Mix to make a simple sticky dough. Set aside for 20 min
2) Knead when the dough is risen and flatten it out. Press it in a greased tart dish and make cuts using a knife or forks.
3) Arrange the fruits on top in a pattern you like and sprinkle the sugar evenly on top.
4) Bake at 220 c for 10 min and then reduce to 180c and continue baking for another 5 min

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Very similar to a dessert pizza. This will be a hit in my house. As a visual eater the colors are a treat.
Usha said…
Until you mentioned, did not realize it is made with pizza base. Tart is looks delicious, colorful and tempting.
Pavani said…
What a tempting dessert.
Chef Mireille said…
lovely way to use fruits in a dessert

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