Nepali Meal

You sometimes fail to notice important things under your nose and keep searching for it faraway..Nepal is one country that feels like something I have overlooked while looking up north.  

I got fascinated reading about it in one of the novels I read on about a mountaineer's life. Most trekkers around the world probably consider this as the goal post considering the highest peak is embedded in its heart. 

The other reason to pick this country was that their staple foods makes up for the loss of regular food that I sensed DH and kid were missing ever since I began this virtual culinary globe trotting.

The meal is simple like you can expect any pahari meal to be with ingredients fresh and minimalist.

The meal consists of Sel Roti, Dal, Aloo Achaar and Fresh Vegetable Salad

The Aloo achar is either served cooked or uncooked and it tastes good both times. This one is a simple dry dish good to be wrapped up in a roti or to be mashed with fresh rice...Read more for recipe

 You can use any vegetables keeping in mind that traditional Nepal does not have the variety we are used to in urban cities. .. Read more for recipe
 This sweet bread falls in the category of bread and not cake because it is made and served alongside vegetable and dals. The Nepali folks use a special tool to create large rotis. I made a mini version as it was a first attempt and also made the instant version of it. I got it approved with our Gurkha's wifey to be sure there is no compromise in taste....Read more for recipe

Dal Tarkari Bhat is a common thali available across Nepal. This dal can be made in similar way using any lentil of your choice. It is a simple preparation but the small number of ingredients makes it unique and the technique of frying the dal dry with the onions lends a nice flavor....Read more for recipe

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Unknown said…
wow another fantastic meal platter :) looks so tempting and fantastic recipes for nepali thali :) Love those mini cute version of sel roti :) very inviting salad , i wud love to have them all ,dal bhat is so yummy !! over all a very inviting platter !!
I picked Nepal too for mostly the same reasons. Nice selection of dishes. Meal looks lovely.
Usha said…
Nepali food is so similar to Indian food, isn't it? I considered Nepal for N but husband wasn't interested at all.
Srivalli said…
Good to know you got back to this to get your regular food dose..:)..all the recipes selected sounds interesting..
Very nice preparation and indeed a good reason to chose the same..
Priya Suresh said…
Simply comforting foods, as much as like our foods na, I didnt even checked Nepali cuisine for N,now i regret for it. Wonderful spread again.
Nargis Aara said…
This post for me is quiet interesting!! I never gave a thought abt nepali food ever :) now will go thru more on their fooding thanks
Harini R said…
A fantastic meal Pradnya.
Chef Mireille said…
what a scrumptious looking platter
Great pradnya, giving a full meal for each and every country, great effort. I can see that sel roti my arch rival from last BM, couldn't get even one proper shape!!! :)
Suma Gandlur said…
This seems like from our alley. Basic, comfort food.

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