Malaysian Meal

Blogging marathon # 44 - Next halt - Malaysia 

So this is a special country...considering I visited this with my husband after every newly married couple we built dreams about returning back each year to relive the moments and talk about how life has changed ever since..ofcourse we are yet to go back but some day we want to take our little one there ..hope the message reaches the right ears

The food the culture amused us especially seeing the diverse culture which is an amalgamation of all faiths and folks from different origins right from India to China to Australia. All of them introduce themselves as Malay...and if you insist they may say Malay Chinese , Malay Muslim, Malay Indian.

I think they indeed live the tag line of Malaysia  Truly Asia.

While I clearly remember what we ate while in was mostly Indian meals and one of italian and other cuisines but never had the things I have put on my platter today.

These are more because I was fascinated by them ever since I heard about a few like the roti jala and the sago pudding had to be made for my home..the other things just came along to make the platter a full meal

The platter has Malaysian famous street food.. Roti Jala, served along side the Malaysian style vegetable curry, Paneer Satay, Peanut Sauce and Sago Pudding with coconut milk and palm sugar

Paneer Satay is actually a take on the chicken satay, you can use any other mix vegetables using the same more for the recipe

Peanut sauce is great contribution from the country to the world after the peanut more for the recipe

Malaysian style vegetable curry is basically a chicken curry that was substituted with vegetables and there is no change of flavor , it is equally worth more for the recipe

Malaysian roti jala is a fun activity to make and will be loved by kids and adults both, the lacey pattern is enhanced with the addition of turmeric. more for the recipe

Sago Pudding is a simple dish which I have made eggless but nothing less in more for the recipe 

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Everyday you are coming up with such an interesting array of wonderful meals. Hats off to you..
Lovely platter. I love all the dishes you have selected and the way you have presented them.
Priya Suresh said…
Roti jala is in my to do list since a long, your Malaysian meal is pulling me to give a try soon. So delicious dishes there.
Pavani said…
Wow Pradnya, you are incredible. All these meals, I'm not sure how you find the time and patience to make them.. Just awesome.
Unknown said…
Roti jala is in my to do list over an year its been so long .. Now you have tempted me to try it soon :) Wonderful platter again pradnya .. wonderful spread again I am not finding enough words to appreciate you your hard work , keep it up :)
Srivalli said…
Interesting to know Pradnya, hope your better half reads this I had planned Roti jala..all the dishes look so nicely done.
Usha said…
Hope you make that trip very soon! Nice spread of again. Wonderful meal.
Harini R said…
Nice choices for the meal Pradnya. The Jola roti was in my to-do for a long time.
Chef Mireille said…
Malaysian cuisine is one of my faves and there is a nearby restaurant which I frequent. it is a dream of mine to visit there. what a great platter
Padmajha said…
Wonderful array of dishes Pradnya and hope you guys visit Malaysia soon :)
Archana said…
Delicious choice of dishes! Hope you do visit Malaysia again.

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