Lemon Shorbet

The shorbets in Italy are like our sharbats but chilled / frozen and crushed so much like our golas. The toppings may consists of alcohol but equal number of non alcoholic versions are available. The lemon shorbet is the most popular one available

1 cup caster sugar
1 cup water
2 large Italian lemons . regular lemons can be substitued
Mint leaves to garnish

1) Heat the sugar and water in a pan until sugar is dissolved and it starts just about simmering
2) Remove from the stove, after cooling down, add the lemon juices and another cup of water
3) Pour this into a freezer box and refrigerate in ice box section for 2 to 3 hours until it forms like an ice 
4) You may now remove this and crush it using a food processor or scrape using a fork
5) Put this crush back in the freezer until serving time.

To serve scoop out the crush and garnish with mint 

You can serve it in glass as it starts melting soon

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Usha said…
Isn't just like icecrot we use to get in India? I don't if these are still sold on the street side but when we were little, these flavored ice was sold by almost all the street vendors selling ice-cream.
Padmajha said…
I have to try this Pradnya.My kids will love this...
Chef Mireille said…
italian ices are the best
ahh, such an easy recipe, must try!! :)

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