Garlic Yogurt/ Afghan Curd side dish

Garlic yogurt is a beautiful mildly spicy and pungent smelling side dish that provides a refreshing cooling effect as an after taste.

This dish goes very well with the array of beautiful dishes made in afghan cuisine

It is very simple 4 ingredient dish that can be made as a side dish any time

1 cup curd/ yogurt
1 tspn crushed garlic
salt to taste
water to thin

1) Mix all ingredients well and let it sit in refrigerator.
2) Serve chilled

Sprinkle dried mint and cumin on top for additional flavors

Planning a complete afghani meal...check the menu out here..

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Usha said…
Excellent dip/sauce for any dish.
Very interesting. Looks great with the garnish
Kalyani said…
almost like raita yet different.. simple and quick !
Padmajha said…
I think this will go well as a side with some spicy pulao.Must try that combo...
Archana said…
I loved this one. I know I hate garlic but I liked it.

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