Coco Bread/ Carribean special

Coco bread is available on streets of Jamaica and other islands stuffed with fried plantains, patties and jerk spices chicken. It is a very tasty and unusual kind of bread. I will be using it to stuff with other patties in future. 

2.5 cups All-Purpose Flour and more for kneading
1 tbsp Sugar
a pinch of salt
1 1/2 tsp Quick-Rise Yeast
1.5 cups Coconut Milk or Water
2 Tbsp Melted  Butter  
1. In a bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt and yeast
2. Heat coconut milk until luke warm
3. Add butter to this warm liquid
4. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and combine to make a soft, sticky dough
5. Knead the dough until it is soft and pliable about 10 to 12 min.
6. Set aside for 2 hours . cover with damp tea towel
7. Preheat the oven for 10 min at 180C
8> Take the doubled dough and punch it. Make small balls and roll them out to the size of puris but thicker ones
9 Let them stand for 10 min until the oven is hot.
10. Place on the baking sheet that is greased. FOld them over to form half moon. Brush top with buttter.
10. Bake for 10 to 15 min until top is slightly colored.
Serve warm. While serving you can rip it apart

To serve a complete carribean meal visit here

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I had tried coco bread and patties a few months back and loved it. Your turned out great.
Srivalli said…
I love the shape Pradnya..and that filling and bread looks so inviting..
Chef Mireille said…
I've actually never had coco bread. eventhough here in NY with lots of Jamaicans in outer boroughs it is sold in pizza shops stuffed with a beef patty inside but always looked so heavy to me never tried and a fried patty inside an APF dough seemed so carb heavy
Kalyani said…
new to me... looks delish.. almost like a wrap...
Usha said…
Cooc bread turned out great.
I was expecting something chocolate, it is totally awesome, bread with coconut milk, must be super flavorful, i m definitely trying this!!! :)
Suma Gandlur said…
I too wasn't expecting a coconut flavored sandwich bread going by the name. Should try it soon.

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