Binch Akara/ Black Eyed Peas Fritters

While the recipe itself is very simple, the process to peel the skin of the peas can be laborious.
The actual dish is also very tasty and worth the efforts. I would prefer to team it up with tomato ketchup next time.

1 cups dry black eyed peas 
1 tspn salt
1 small onion finely chopped
Oil to cook
1) Soak the peas overnight. Next morning, peel the skin using your finger tips.
2) Grind the peas to a coarse batter
3) Add the onion and salt and mix it well
4) Heat the oil in deep frying pan. 
5) Using a spoon drop small spoonful of the batter . Keep stirring to ensure it does not burn. They cook soon from outside but may stay raw within, so keep the flame on low medium
6) When they are slightly golden in color, strain them out using a slotted spoon

Drain on a tissue paper. Serve hot

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Usha said…
This is similar to black eyed peas vada without chili powder or chilies.
I remember Pavani making these..its a job man to peel that skin...lot of effort but worth it.
Srivalli said…
These fritters look and sound yum!..wonder if the outer skin makes it taste any different!
Chef Mireille said…
so many countries have a version of these and I love them all yours look crispy and delicious

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