Tadgola Milkshake/ Palm Fruit Milkshake

I have been eating out a lot this month for different reasons. August is inundated with several getogethers and parties and I have started to feel that it is fast becoming the new summer when we meet with friends. The fact that most folks living outside India visit us during  this period calls for many treats and parties. I will cover some of them as part of my restaurant reviews later this week.
While searching for places I usually bank on friends to guide me however the perennial question follows what next. We have moved on from the lunch and dinner meetings to the high tea, snacks and after meal foods. Owing to the city's traffic the options of ordering food get restricted to your vicinity which further restricts the options...Recently I came across foodpanda site which I found helpful. You can place orders online from restaurants in your own locality.I was elated to find my own street listed down there and at the same time surprised to know that there were so many eateries right under my nose. I am hooked to this online ordering chucking off the million pamphlets that are neatly stacked in a book by my hubby. I will come to the details of this website a little later. 

So last evening, after a similar session of ordering food, I found some time for myself which had to be invested in creating a fancy drink. 

The tadgola season is almost over but I managed to save a batch for my son. However his appetite has gone for a toss after the viral flu...so it gave me another reason to try something better..I am not big on fruits until they are transformed into something lovely and attractive.


1 cup full fat cream milk
1 cup condensed milk
1 tspn crushed nuts (cashew, almonds, pistachios)
1 cup chopped palm fruit 


1) Mix the milk, condensed milk and nuts and shake it vigorously.
2) Chill this drink in the refrigerator
3) Add the chopped palm fruit just before serving.

Coming back to the subject for ordering online...you should try this site I mentioned above soon...especially I follow one of their local city links (Mumbai)  ...check this out and you would be impressed as well. I have installed its mobile app on DHs smartie to help him on days there is craving for some quick snack during his late night hauls.You can get the app installed from here

I am yet to come across something like this elsewhere unless you know of something better ...for me this is one stop shop for ordering food online....check and find the reason why I am hogging so much about this..

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