Britvic brings Robinsons Fruitshoot to the Indian Market

Britvic is now launched in India with the beautiful colorful handy bottles , they have arrived. We often find lesser options for the age group 8 to 12 years in India when it comes to fruit based food products. This brand is a big name in Europe and has expanded to USA and middle east with some other countries. They have now arrived in India ...

Britvic is launching 4 exciting flavors to begin with  Apple Pear, Strawberry Raspberry, Apple Blueberry and Mango. Mango yes because apparently that is what we Indians love the most in they have taken care of this .

You would love the colorful bottles and the handy features such as flip cap, small size and attractive colors. The bottles are definitely eye catching and something that kids would like to pick while shopping along with you next time. The city would soon see these bottles on the racks at the major outlets so watch out for the peppy colored bottles next time you are out. 

Britvic soon plans to launch across India expanding to 2nd tier and 3rd tier cities. 

If you have been wondering what is in the bottle after all the hype that I have created around it....well here it comes...Fruit Shoot is all natural fruit juices with flavors adjusted to the Indian palette. There are no added flavors and contains fruit, sugar and water perfect for the kids on the go.

The bottle is priced at 30 INR and is retailed across major leading outlets. 

My 5 years old happily grabbed and enjoyed all the flavors  he is yet to come back on the most favorite as of now , which makes me believe he is spoilt for choice. I loved the apple pear combination which is unusual in taste far from the dullish brewed rusty taste that you get from most canned apple juices. The addition of pear in it gives it a sharp twist. 

The next time you find it...would suggest you definitely Give it a go


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