Picnic Sandwich/ Crunchy Mayo Salad Sandwich

Indian picnics are memories from school where there used to be an annual trip to a park or lake or some food industry that made toffees. Irrespective of the place we visited there was always a popular menu packed for the picnic, puri bhaji. But for my little one's outings the instructions are very clearly articulated by the school. No sticky, wet or elaborate meals. He is still young and his picnic outings last only for couple of hours so I guess it is okay. However, I refrain from sending the packet of chips or dry snacks. Cheese sandwich, jam bread, butter bread often work. For our small trips, when I carry some home made food, if we know there wont be good places to eat immediately I pack some special sandwiches.

One such recipe is the crunchy mayo salad sandwich. There is an effort required to ensure your sandwiches do not become soggy. And this process works. The sandwich stays good for hours.

Slices of bread  2 per person
1 cup finely chopped cucumber
1 cup finely chopped carrot
Salad leaves / Lettuce / Spinach
1 cup mayo/ sour cream/ hung curd
salt and pepper
1) Sprinkle salt on the cucumber and carrot and leave it in a strainer. You may cover it and leave it under a fan or press it dry by patting with kitchen towel. Optionally blow dry them or place under a hot switched off grill or oven
2) Now once you are sure there is not much moisture in the vegetables especially cucumber you can add it to the mayo.
3) You can season with salt and pepper as per taste
4) Place this mixture on buttered bread set with salad leaf.
5) Cover it with another buttered slice of bread.
6) Cut in desired shape and pack in foil

The sandwich prepared this way does not turn soggy even after hours. Also the veggies retain the crunchiness.

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Padmajha said…
That is a filling sandwich and I made mayo last week.Will have to try it.Nice one Pradnya..
Priya Suresh said…
I love this kind of easy breezy sandwich, very crunchy and healthy dish.
Unknown said…
would love to join the picnic!! delicious and hearty sandwich!!
Kalyani said…
Now that's a handy tip pradnya ! Thank u 😊
Perfect to carry anywhere. .they taste so good. And like the idea of spinach here.
Pavani said…
That is such a yummy looking sandwich. Love sandwiches for picnics and your trick for not-soggy sandwiches sounds great. Will try soon.
Very perfect choice for picnic...lovely !
Usha said…
That is a nice tip to keep the sandwiches from becoming soggy.
R said…
looks healthy and delicious, great for summer picnics.
Crunchy combination of veggies. Perfect sandwiches on the go.
Such a healthy crunchy,filling sandwich...Perfect for picnics.
Chef Mireille said…
simple sandwich looks so good
Srivalli said…
Wow that's a good sandwich, esp if it stays fit and not soggy..that's a great option to pack for kids lunch box as well..

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