Peanut brittle/ Chikki/ Sehngdanyachi chikki/ Mixed Dry fruits Chikki

Who does not love the Lonavla is a nice healthy snacking option even with the sugar packed in it. During my pregnancy, my doc recommended me to eat as much chikki as I could for the iron content it carries.
Since it is easy to find chikki/ brittle around it was not much of a hassle. For folks who dont have the same advantage, you should not be missing out on this lovely snack. As part of the BM pick one cook one theme, I got inspired to make this at home. I have made many versions before and all taste good. So you should try this recipe even at the cost of failure, the reason being crispy peanuts and other nuts soaked in sticky sugar tastes awesome.

I have used liquid glucose which is optional, it just gives a good clarity and binds the sugar seamlessly (if you understand this technical word !).

BM # 41
Theme : Pick one cook three
Star Ingredient : Peanut

2 cups roasted peeled ground nut.
2 tbsp mixed dry nuts (cashews, almonds)
1.5 cup sugar/ 2 cups jaggery
1 tbsp liquid glucose
2 tbsp clarified butter/ ghee
a pinch of saffron/ kesar
a tspn of cardamom powder (optional)
1) Dry roast the nuts individually. For peanuts, peel the skin off. This can be done by rubbing them together and then slightly tapping to separate the skin.
2) In a large pan, mix the sugar, liquid glucose and a tbsp of water. 
3) Let it cook until it comes to a boil. Then reduce the flame and let it simmer. The syrup should stop bubbling and slowly start thickening.
4) It takes about 1520 min to reach hard ball consistency.
5) Drop a tiny bit into cold water. It should form into a hard ball.
6) Now add the roasted nuts, saffron, cardamom and stir quickly.
7) Grease a flat surface with some ghee.
8) Pour the nut mixture and roll it out using a rolling pin. (I used a spatula to quickly spread it out, since I made a small batch. Your hands need to move faster for this)
9) When it is slightly cold. Cut the chikki into squares using a sharp knife. Let it set completely.

Note  Addition of nuts other than peanuts is completely optional, I do it as my son prefers not seeing the peanuts. 


Nargis Aara said…
Miss having these!! long time dint turn back towards them!! thanks for sharing and reminding
Nargis Aara said…
Miss having these!! long time dint turn back towards them!! thanks for sharing and reminding
My sister in law makes the best chikki in the world but with jaggery. .using liquid glucose should be interesting. .will definitely try once the weather permits.
Kalyani said…
brings back all the memories of trips betn mumbai and pune ! well done, Pradnya ! never used liq glucose...

btw, u shud put up a step by step pic of the snickers chocolate post - will help amatuers like me who wanna try !
Srivalli said…
I love these Pradnya and glucose does give a good shine to the brittle..very good choice..
Priya Suresh said…
Pack me some, i can munch them even at midnite,love brittles to the core.
Love these chikkis ...looks perfect !
Perfectly made chikkis...wish to have some.
Usha said…
I don't make chikki at home but do like munching on them. The Indian grocery store I go to has chikki with various nuts near the checkout counter and I usually end up picking up a few squares waiting in the line. I am afraid to make them at home as these are so addictive and I will end up eating it all by myself.
Pavani said…
This is something I could never try making myself because of the fear of making a peanut stone instead of a brittle. Yours looks absolutely perfect.
Ms.Chitchat said…
Perfect chikkis, love them any time.
Ruxana Gafoor said…
perfect and yummy
Harini R said…
Perfectly made. Like Pavani said, for fear of making stones, I refrain from making these :)
Unknown said…
What is the use of glucose
How to reduce fasten moisture in Chiki

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