Idli Sambhar Chutney

When I picked the breakfast series for this week's BM, I was surprised to note that I do not have the national breakfast dish Idli Sambhar on my blog. I term it as national dish as it is widely consumed across the country atleast once a week. 

Idli sambhar needs no introduction. However, for folks who do not know that there was a time when the grinders did not exist may find it difficult to imagine how to make the batter at home.
And although times have changed and one can get the ready made batters across each and every grocery shop, it is still worth noting that the batter made at home tastes fare better and is less heavier on your stomach.

The naturally fermented home made batter is much easier on the tummy and leaves that lasting taste. 

Idli requires a bit of planning, so if you plan to do it, you need to think atleast 16 hours un advance from the time to eat. But that is the only bit of planning. The rest of the process is simple and straight forward.

The other bit for novices to note is that this requires a special steamer. One that has the idli moulds built on a stand. It is very easily available in markets popularly known as idli makers. Many indian microwave companies often sell the micorwave safe mould as well. This can be easily made in microwave using the same batter following the instructions in the microwave manual.

2 cups rice
1 cup urad dal/ split black dal
1/2 cup parboiled rice (optional)
1/2 cup poha / flattened rice
1 tspn fenugreek seeds
1 tspn salt

Oil to brush the steamer base

1) Wash the rice (mix the parboil in it if using) and dal under running tap water.
2) Soak them separately for 6 hours 
3) Soak the fenugreek seeds for few hours as well in a separate container with little water
4) Grind the dal and rice individually.
5) In the last batch add the soaked fenugreek and grind it to a paste as well
6) Now mix all the batters.
7) Add salt and mix again.
8) Cover and let it ferment for 7-8 hours. 
9) After 8 hours, you wil see the batter may have doubled in size. Give it a gentle stir to release the big air pockets.
10) Prepare the idli maker by putting about 2 cups of water at the base. Ensure the bottom most stand does not touch the water.
11) Grease each mould on the stand with some oil. You may use nonstick spray.
12) Pour the idli batter in each mould just below the rim.
13) Repeat for other moulds.
14) Place the stand in the steamer. Steam for 15-18 min. The first batch may take upto 20-22 min.
15) Check whether it is done by putting a knife or skewer in the middle of the idli. It should come out clean.
16) Remove the idlis from the steamer and let it stand for 5 min. This way they are easier to unmould and also do not stick to the base.
17) Using a sharp knife or palette knife gently move it under the base of the idlis to unmould .
18) Serve the Idlis with Chutney and Sambhar of your choice.

I served it with Sambhar, White chutney, green chutney and tomato chutney and milagai podi.

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nandoos kitchen said…
nice healthy breakfast. Idli look super soft..
Priya Suresh said…
Every Tamilian's comforting food, wat a traditional breakfast, am in love with ur platter..
Srivalli said…
Would love to have that plate of idlis with all those chutneys any time Pradnya..very nice..
Kalyani said…
thats a lovely platter, that I would like to dig into ... yummy colours of those chutneys :-)

Idli sambar is one of my favorite. I can have this anytime not just for breakfast. :)
Yum and delicious luking plate..nice pics..
Unknown said…
What a delicious spread....... You make me hungry!! Happy to follow you dear, will be gr8 if you follow me back!
Take care.
Idlis are s favourite with almost everyone. .and I love those vibrant colours. .they make such a great picture along with a meal.
my favorite south Indian food...........its healthy and yummy.......
Suma Gandlur said…
Yummy and healthy platter of idlis.
Chef Mireille said…
nice to see this traditional Indian breakfast
So need this breakfast! Such a pleasing spread :)
Pavani said…
What an amazing spread for breakfast. Love idlis and all the sides you served them with.
Harini R said…
Lovely platter of idlis. However I have never made so many accompaniments to idlis :)

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