Hash Browns

There used to be place called Rustic Inn at Rockford Illinois. I looked up on google and found the place still exists. I stayed there for a few days initially until I moved to a service apartment. It was tiny little motel which had its own farm behind the kitchen.
It was basically a poultry farm and showcased old american ambiance. 
I do not recollect more but I distinctively remember this place for their breakfast menu which would have the hash brown potatoes daily. I simply fell in love with the way they prepared it and never missed it for any meal I ate at the hotel. When I picked this recipe for breakfast series my mind quickly traversed back to the time I spent at Rustic Inn almost a decade back. It is strange the way your brain holds memories and particularly in my case when it is associated with food.
This is a popular breakfast item and is basically made in various forms in every cuisine, well which cuisine does not have a potato option for any course. But speaking about variants, the maharashtrian cuisine has a close cousin that goes by the name of batatyacha kees (which translates to grated potato).
Although in maharashtra the spices are different, I love both the versions equally. 

Again the hash browns I first ate, were more like a small patty, crispy from outside and soft and buttery from within. At home my little one prefers it crispy all over and discards the mushy inside. So I make it flat and crispy. This way it uses very little amount of butter as well.

2 large potatoes
1 tbspn butter
salt and pepper to season

1) Grate the peeled potatoes using a fine grater. 

2) Place the potatoes in a strainer and press it using a load. I use a mortar
3) Now take a non stick pan and brush with buttter

4) Evenly spread the the grated ,strained potatoes in a think layer 
5) Sprinkle salt and pepper on top
6) Once the base is cooked and slightly brown, flip it carefully using a pair of tongs or two spatulas
7) Let it become crispy and golden in color.
8) Serve hot as is or with other breakfast accompaniments like baked beans, grilled vegetables

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Hash Browns are my favourite too..my version is different. .but I make this version too at times..it tastes yum.
Srivalli said…
I am sure kids would love this for snack...I have not tried it for breakfast..:)
Priya Suresh said…
Pradnya, yours is much more crispier than mine, love that super golden hash browns.
Love to taste with some ketchup and morning tea...
wow love to enjoy this crispy browns............
Hash browns are tasty irrespective of how they look. These crispy ones look great.
nandoos kitchen said…
perfect kid friendly snack. I will try this tomorrow.
Suma Gandlur said…
How long ago did you live in Rockford? Just curious since I happen to live in the same state. :)
I have mostly seen the diced version but this one mostly reminds our pancakes.
Chef Mireille said…
hash browns are one of my favorite breeakfast items
Pavani said…
Yumm!! Hash browns look so crispy and delicious.
Harini R said…
The last time I made my kids just fell in love with these! Lovely pancakes.

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