Green Chilli Pickle/ Hirvya mirchicha loncha / Hari mirch achar

Green chilli pickle has a fixed place on my dining table, we need it round the year. I am not otherwise big on pickles but this particular one is an all time favorite. It kind of makes up for the missing punch in the everyday meal. My granny in law, makes excellent pickles and this one is her most sought after recipe. Once in a year she visits us and fills our home with aromas and flavors of all kinds that you long for when you return back home after a long haul at work.

This time, I helped her making a big batch of the chilli pickle and in the bargain learnt the recipe. It is quite a quick fix recipe. Luckily I picked the pickling theme for BM 3rd week and glad to have done it as an inspiration...

1/2 Kg fresh green chillies 
200 grams  yellow mustard seeds
3 tspn fenugreek seeds
juice of 4 lemons
3/4 cup Salt  
2 cups Oil  

1) Wash and pat dry the green chillies using the kitchen towel
2) Carefully slit the crown of the chillies and try to remove the seeds and vein as much as possible
3) Chop the chillies into 1/2 inch size and set aside
4) In a bowl, take the lemon juice.
5) Grind the mustard seeds to a coarse powder
6) Dry roast the fenugreek seeds and also grind it to a medium fine powder
7) Add the mustard seeds and fenugreek powder to the lime juice. 
8) Using a whisk beat the powders together to give smooth batter like consistency
9) Add salt to the green chillies and mix it well.
10) Add the green chillies to the mustard paste and mix gently.
11) Let it stand for few hours
12) Heat the oil in a pan and let it cool down completely
13) Put the pickle in a sterilised jar.
14) Pour the oil on top and seal it tight.

Your green chilli pickle is ready to be consumed in a few hours.


Srivalli said…
Nice reading about your passion for this pickle, sounds good pradnya..
Kalyani said…
Am not big on pickles, but this is interesting....
My mother used to make this pickle. I am not into chili pickles so I never even tasted it. Yours looks really good. It is nice to learn recipes passed down in the family.
Pavani said…
What a spicy & yummy chili pickle.
Priya Suresh said…
I can start my day and end my day with this super tonguetickling pickle, soo delicious and hot.
Even though I have stopped making pickles I love this particular green chilli one. My maasi in law used to send. .n now I can ask you to send a tiny batch:)
I really love green chili pickle and this would definitely be one of the recipe I would try once rhe chili peppers starts growing in my garden.
Jayanthi said…
I love green chillies pickle too. I'm bookmarking this recipe to try.
Chef Mireille said…
love the bright beautiful color
Harini R said…
This is something fro my husband! I don't go near the chilli pickles :)

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