Earn it Your "New" Bournville Rich Cocoa 50% Cocoa

Growing up in India, eating raw dark chocolates was a painful experience. The plain slab of dark chocolate were cheap dark slabs of remaining extracts of cacao nibs after the loss of all rich butter. I am not sure of the scientific process but this particular inference is primarily based on the comparison of taste with the rich deep silky taste of plain dark chocolate slabs or coin sized chips that I later tasted during my visits outside India.

Bournville , cadbury's answer to the emerging market of luxury chocolates, when first launched its chocolate in India in 2009 back ,was a welcome change as it provided a better option to make the chocolate based baking products. I heard about it relaunching its primary rich cocoa flavor with some changes I was game to go for a tasting process.

The rich cocoa flavor has made slight variations to its basic taste to improve its beautiful product further. I have big fans of the product at home so consuming this product for tasting purposes required us to gobble down large quantities of the chocolate.

The depth of rich dark chocolaty slightly bitter and smooth and sweet in the end leaves a beautiful after taste asking for more.

Bournville Rich Cocoa is described as Intense and heartfelt; every bite hits a new note sweet and soft; It unravels in your mouth A taste that will remain; A feeling that will linger ....

And linger it does...beautifully..
There are slight changes made to improve the effect of dark chocolates by increasing the cocoa content from 44% to 50% yet there is a nice variation achieved which talks about cadbury's expertise in the field of chocolates.

I use bournville for my chocolate ganaches and chocolate toppings in my cake recipes..

Try my walnut brownie using the bournville  recipe here and I promise a taste you never felt before..

** Please note this is an independent unpaid review **


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