Sev Kadhi/ Chhattisgarh Yogurt based curry

Chhatisgarh is relatively newer state formed only a decade and half years ago. Its cuisine is heavily influenced from its parent state which again adopts flavors of the various neighbouring states.
I picked this recipe of sev kadhi as we really enjoy our kadhis and prefer it with dumplings like you have seen here..

This curry is distinctively different from the other ones because of the sev dumplings.


2 cups sour curd
2 tbsp chickpea flour/ besan
2 tspn ginger greenchillies paste
1 tspn turmeric
1 tspn coriander cumin powder
1 tspn oil
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 pinch of asafoetida
a sprig of curry leaves
for sev
1 cup  chickpea flour/ besan
pinch of turmeric
pinch of coriander cumin powder
pinch of ginger green chilli paste

1) In a small bowl, mix the ingredients for sev to sticky batter / paste consistency. Set aside
2) In a large non stick pan, mix the curd, water, ginger chilly paste, coriander cumin powder, turnmeric ,salt and mix well
3) Now add the chickpea flour and mix well to ensure there are no lumps.
4) Now put this on stove and gently stir till it is cooked. Starts coating the back of your spoon.
5) Now, Using a slotted spoon, drop the sev mixture from a little height to form strands in the pan of kadhi.
6) Cover the lid and let it cook so that the sev is cooked through
7) In a small pan, heat some oil, add mustard seeds and let it crackle
8) Add the asafoetida, red chilli and curry leaves.
Garnish with fresh chopped coriander and serve with steamed rice.


Pradnya, you have added pakoras aso or what..the last image has pakoras..
Padmajha said…
This was the recipe I was going to make ! But changed it to the lentil kahdi I have posted.

Looks nice Pradya and must try this soon
Kadhi is the most comforting food for me ...yours with sev pakodi looks tempting !
Unknown said…
very comforting sev kadhi :) looks fabulous dear !! and tempting me dear !!
Priya Suresh said…
This is something i want to make soon,sev kadhi looks comforting.
Today kadi is the winner I think..another version of kadi sounds interesting..
Harini R said…
Good one, Pradnya.
Usha said…
Ha, interesting recipe. So the sev is cooked in kadhi and not deep fried and then added to kadhi. That is nice, need not worry about deeo frying and thsi certainly is a healthy sev kadhi
Very interesting! The sev is cooked in the kadhi unlike pakoda kadhi where we add cooked pakoda. Must try this sometime.
Pavani said…
Very interesting kadhi. Love those sev dumplings.
jayanthi said…
chhattisgarh seems to be the kadhi state.. sev kadhi sound really interesting
Gayathri Kumar said…
Very interesting preparation. KAdhi looks so yumm...
Archana said…
Yum Pradnya. I love the flavours that you have described here. Very interesting idea making sev and cooking it in the kadhi.
Unknown said…
such a comforting and delicious one!!!
So many variations of the kadhi! Love the sev dumplings :)
Chef Mireille said…
I saw this recipe also but was afraid of making the sev - yours looks so good
So it is a kadhi mela for Jharkhand!! Looks simple and delicious!!
Unknown said…
Yummy kadhi.. I also made something similar to this.
Srivalli said…
Sev being cooked in the kadhi..very new and interesting..must have been quite a tough one to manage if you don't know how..:)..good one..

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