Mawa Jalebi/ Madhya Pradesh sepcial

Madhya Pradesh, " jo gaya uske liye bhi paheli and jo na gaya uske liye bhi paheli" The state's tourism advertisement has recieved the award for being the best, check it out here..It is indeed something that has intrigued me to go and check out the place many times. It symbolises simplicity and heritage both. There is a lot of marathi influence on the food primarily because most parts were rules by Maratha clans like Holkar, Shinde (scindias), Bhonsales. Also, the state borders with multiple other states. A combination of all flavors their cuisine is unique and abundantly tasty.
The famous poha of Indore has driven quiet a few weekend trips for many in mumbai. Likewise, I dont recollect a single person from the state allowed to return back to work at my office without carrying the goodies. Their chivdas and mixtures are the spiciest and tastiest of the lot.

My hunt for the state's original recipes got me to the famous mawa jalebi. It is made giant sized - by my standard and served with other chat items. One usually starts with the jalebi before eating the savoury (which is actually spicy). Then it is followd up with sweet potato, yam and potato bhujia chats. The famous green sev with black pepper will leave you asking for both more and water in the same breathe.

1 cup khoya/ mawa/ reduced milk fats
1 tspn milk
1 cup maida
1 tspn baking soda 
for sugar syrup
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
saffron strands
1 tspn lemon juice

Ghee to deep fry (you can also fry in oil)
1) Mix the khoya and milk and blend it into a smooth paste in a mixie. Ensure there are no knots or lumps
2) Mix the maida with water to about cake's consistency.
3) Keep both mixtures covered in a dry area for atleast an hour
4) Prepare the sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water on low medium flame. Do not stir until the sugar has dissolved completely
5) Stir in lemon juice after that. Let it boil. Once it reaches a running boil, reduce the flame and let it cook for more time.
6) Now test the consistency of sugar syrup every 5 min. When you put a drop of syrup in a plate and touch it with 2 fingers it should be sticky and hold its shape to a strings consistency.
7) Add a few strands on saffron to the prepared syrup. Let it stand
8) When your batter has sat for an hour, place the ghee/ oil on heat. Once the ghee is melted, reduce the flame to low
9) Now, mix the maida and khoya mixture to form a dropping consistency batter. 
10 ) Add the baking soda. pour this batter into a piping bag. Snip off the base to form a small hole at the base. I used a thin point because we prefer our jalebis to be more crispier than fluffier. 
11) Now, using your active hand start dropping the batter in circular motion to form a jalebi in the oil. This will takes some practise so be patient.
12) You can drop multiple at a time as the jalebis need to cook on slow flame. They will be slightly golden in shade when they are ready. FLip to other side if required.
13) Remove the cooked jalebis and let them stand until they are slightly cool- for a minute or 2 before dropping them into the sugar syrup.
14) Soak them for a few min and then drain. Serve with chopped nuts sprinkled on top.

Serve hot they taste amazing.


Priya Suresh said…
Addictive mawa jalebi, i can have some without any guilt, so tempting.
Unknown said…
delicious mawa jalebi!!! so addictive... cannot stop with one
even I would love to eat some, but unlike Priya..feel guilty...though love the recipe!
Haven't had the mawa jalebi but that looks like something I would love to try.
Gayathri Kumar said…
Haven't heard of mawa jalebis. Must be so rich in taste. Bookmarked it already...
Absolutely delicious looking mawa jilebis..
jayanthi said…
hot juicy jalebis are so addictive.. love them
Srivalli said…
Can never say no for a jalebi!..
Harini R said…
Very tempting Jalebis!
Super yummy !! I can have it any time!!
Super yummy !! I can have it any time!!
Chef Mireille said…
would be great for a mid morning snack right now
Pavani said…
YUmm, those mawa jalebis sound decadent and delicious.
Archana said…
Wow love it. They look so additive and delicious.
Usha said…
mawa jalebi is new to me. These look addictive. nice recipe
Padmajha said…
You are introducing us to so many new food.Love this one too.So new to me and I enjoyed reading your description on their chaat and food habits :)
Meena said…
lovely recipe....superb jilebi
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