Malai Puri / Jagannath Puri Prasad/ Orissa Special/ Milk Cream/ Milk Skin wrapped sweet

Orissa is famous for the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri. It may seem like half of the state thrives on the temple both for spiritual gain and livelihood. Traditionally a fish and meat eating population their offerings to the Lord are also most times the sea food delicacies.
The annual festival of Puri where the God visits its devotees in a rath is the most popular carnival in the world. It is watched all across the world live on internet and has last year hit the record of most watched live religious procession.
One of the TV channels that I followed some months back spoke about the delicious food available on the streets during the procession days. Malai puri happens to be one such sweet that aaprently is only available outside the Puri temple. It is easy to make and one would wonder about its taste until you eat it. It has become almost a daily ritual for my little one now onwards who waits behind me to lick up his share.

1 litre full fat cream milk - Only Cream floating atop will be used
1 cup mawa/ khoya/ milk crumble
1 tbsp chopped nuts
1 tspn sugar (optional)
1) Carefully transfer the malai / cream layer / cream skin with a pair of tongs on a butter paper or plastic cling wrap. If you boil milk on slow flame a couple of times, you will be able to collect the desired level of thick cream layer from 1 litre full fat milk

1) Heat the milk in a flat large bottom pan on slow heat.
2) When it comes to boil, cover it and let it stand for 20-30 min
3) Gently, lift off the skin on the top and place it on a butter paper/ or a banana leaf
4) Repeat the same action when you reheat the milk after a couple of hours, the second batch will be relatively thicker, as the cream will float on the top after it starts de-emulsifying.

5) In a bowl, mix the khoya , sugar and nuts mixture.
6) Spread it on the milk cream layer.
7) Gently wrap the cream to enclose the stuffing.
8) Cut small pieces and share

It may turn off the milk hating crowd but it is indeed a delectable choice once you dig in.


Unknown said…
you are driving me crazy with this delicious one!! looks stunning..
Usha said…
wow, this is sinfully delicious! Nice presentation
The recipe sounds interesting though I am one of those who doesn't like milk and by products. .but definitely can be served to malai lovers:)
Harini R said…
OMG it is such a delectable slice there!!
Priya Suresh said…
Absolutely delicious, wish i get that super delectable Malai.
Talk about rich! This one takes the cake. Milk cream and khoya! I am sure that tasted great.
Very tempting and love it...
Srivalli said…
Such a tedious process pradnya..good that you managed to have so much patience..looks quite good..
Pavani said…
That is such a rich dish. I'm also in the milk hating community but I'm sure milk lovers will thoroughly enjoy it.
Gayathri Kumar said…
Wow Pradnya. Drooling over here. When I saw the dish's name I thought you were going to make puris. But this is so interesting. Wrapping mawa in cream!!!
Such a rich and creamy looking sweet,absolutely delicious..
Padmajha said…
I thought I had commented on this post the day you had posted it.Anyways, this is most sinful dessert of all. So rich !!
Chef Mireille said…
what a unique dish and method - must be so rich but delish for sure
jayanthi said…
as nice as it sounds, i know its not for me.. i am incapable of such patience and delicate work.. very well done
Archana said…
Wow this is so delicious. Love it.
Suma Gandlur said…
This is so delicious, Pradnya. I was expecting a puri recipe. :)

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