Haryanvi aloo ka raitha/ Potato salad in yogurt

Mention Haryana and I think of Kapil Dev. The jat community and lingo makes me wonder whether life up there would be really the way they show in the movies. The state so far has eluded me but I am sure I want to go and visit the streets and lanes and look for authentic dhabas and fields. One other thing the state is immensely gaining popularity is for their presence in atheletic sports. More and more females each year participate in olympics. Disc throwing and archery is fast catching up. This will hopefully boost the male female ratio which has been skewed for several years...coming back to the subject of my expertise, the food from haryana is all what we have heard in typical bolly movies. It is heavily influenced by punjabi culture yet has distinct flavors of its own.

A friend of mine tried explaining me the nuances of the difference between a typical punjabi and haryanvi food. However to my alienated taste bud it all seemed the same. I did not get in much detail and decided to make a couple of dishes. The Kale channe  which I normally make in punjabi style this way..were altered to make the way she does it..like here.

3 medium size potatoes (boiled , peeled and cubed)
1 cup curd
1 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn chat masala
1 tspn roasted cumin seeds powder
1 tspn black salt 
a pinch of black pepper
1) Beat the curd and mix it well
2) Add all the ingredients
3) Garnish with chopped coriander and serve


Simple yet tastes great..love it anytime.
Pavani said…
Yummy curry. Even I wasn't sure of the difference between Punjab and Haryana cuisines. They have way too many dishes in common.
True dear , we are thinking same ...
Raita looks rich and creamy !
Srivalli said…
That looks very creamy and nice..must taste great with biryani right..
Archana said…
Sounds delicious. I too have not understood the differences between the two cuisines. they seem so similar.
Padmajha said…
I too had a tough time looking for authentic recipes from these two states! And raita is one of my favorite dishes and I would love to have that bowl :)

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