Street pizza

After the 2 days tour of my experiences of street food around the world, I had to end with the regular pizza which you may never find in Italy actually but many places across the world where there exists a night life. The typical eateries that we have seen in old english movies, dimly lit green bordered glass doors , apron clad servers waiting to take an order and  big tray of pizza sizzling hot waiting to be picked and yet never overburn.

This is what I witnessed the first day or should I say night I landed on my 3rd visit to Espoo in Finland. Although it was the 3rd time I was visiting, it was first time I landed past 7 PM. Also, for the first time I had no one coming to pick me from the airport or drop me at the hotel. The place where I was put up also seemed like a motel than a hotel. There was no reception or concierge services. I could hear my heart crying and wanting to run back home. It was already 9 PM European time which meant it was way past my dinner and I was sitting alone wondering in my room how would I spend the next 2 months in this no man's land. Then I recieved a call from my local manager to check whether I had reached safe. His call of concern suddenly lifted my spirit. I remember asking him, whether I could find a good shop to buy some essentials- when I was supposed to ask him for restaurants that are open late night.

He said that if I step outside the hotel there was a mall near by that operate 24/7. He added that there was a pizzeria around the corner in case I was looking for food. I did find those places, the mall was a pharmacist's shop and the pizzeria the dainty place I explained above. But both the places became my abode for the next few days I spent in the hotel until I moved to a proper accommodation.

I have tried to re-create the pizza here...thick and juicy, laden with sauce and topped with veggies all and sundry 

pizza dough
pizza sauce
vegetables (bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos)

1) Preheat your oven to 220C for 5 to 10 min
2) Roll out a a sheet of your pizza base to a thick base - 1/2 inch. prick holes at regular distance
3) Let it sit to proof for about 10 min until it doubles in size
4) Place the base on a baking sheet . Fold in the ends so that they are thicker on the sides.
5) Pour the sauce liberally and spread with the sauce. Place veggies of your choice
6) Cover with cheese.
7) Bake for 5 to 8 min.
8) Cut out square portions and serve hot


Unknown said…
wow pizza is an yummy and my fav street food always :) looks perfect and yummy !!
Archana said…
Yummy pizza Pradnya. I wish I could get a bite of it.
Pavani said…
Pizza is such a go-to dish anywhere, anytime.
Unknown said…
Yummy pizza.. Looks delectable.
Pizza is pretty universal now. You can find it anywhere. Interesting story behind the recipe.
Chef Mireille said…
what a unique street food
Harini R said…
My husband will be happy with any kind of pizza :)..Needless to say this will be fabulously :)
Chef Mireille said…
this should be called street food of the world as I think it is available in practically every country
Padmajha said…
Nice post Pradnya and super pizza!
Srivalli said…
I tell you I can have pizzas for anytime..:)..nice reading the post..

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