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It feels like yesterday  when (last year) Srivalli (Valli as we call her) asked about hosting this wonderful series that she runs on her popular (amongst many other) blogs  Kid's Delight . Honestly that point in time, it did not matter to me much whether the category of foods  kid's special requires a dedicated event as such. Reason being, my little one was still tiny and had fixed menus and likings for food. It never occurred to me that the mummy's around the world would be putting in their creativity to test while making dishes that appeal to their kids and at the same time ensure that the needs of the growing body are met satisfactorily. Today, I cannot thank enough to Valli for hosting this beautiful event month on month. My little fellow has started school and my days begin with a sweet question , "Mom, what are you giving me to eat today?". My heart breaks at times to tell him that I have packed him chips or biscuits etc. 
Today,I share the delight to host this event with a theme that has been suggested by my husband. His interests in sports inclines him to ensure that our little baby is properly nourished. We are largely a vegetarian diet only following family which means our protein intake needs to be in abundance through the forms of sprouts and dairy products. But again there is a limit to how much one can eat this. There are several food supplements like bournvita, boost, pedia sure which I am sure you folks are trying as well. But with kids palette losing interests soon, I am sure like me, you end up piling different flavors all around. Why not bring them out and make some delicious recipes.

Some suggestions include
Bournvita crackers/ cake
Boost chapatis
Pedia sure nankhatais
Horlicks shakes

You can also share highly nutritious yet delectable recipes like
Paneer and Spinach rolls
Tofu fingers 

Ideas will be yours and I would love to present them here...

Guidelines for the event:

1)Link back to this announcement and add the logo so that we spread the news on the event.
2)The dish prepared should have been accepted by your own kid, kid from your family or friends. Or even something that you loved eating as a kid. (Because the idea is to tell my kids that another kid loved this, there by making them eat it, thank you!)

3)The last date for the entries is 15th Nov 2013. You can send in as many entries you can.

To send in your entries, mail me at  pumpkinfarmfood(attherate)gmail(dot)com
Subject  Kids Delight Oct 2013
Details to be shared
Name of the dish
Picture of the dish
Link of the recipe posted on your blog, or share the recipe, that I will publish on my blog under your name in the guest contributions

"Sending this event to Kid's delight hosted at The Pumpkin Farm  for Spicing your Life"

Alternatively, you can directly link your entry below.


Srivalli said…
Wonderful Pradnya, I am so glad you have contributed so much already to this event and wanted to host as well..special thanks to your husband for suggesting the makes it more beautiful when the family is involved in our blogging..

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