Choco Frappe

Choco frappe is a my favorite drink at cafe coffee day (CCD). It is available with or without icecream. It is pretty addictive as well and not to forget high on calories. Making it at home was just natural for me considering i have most of the ingredients handy. 
Doing this recipe as part of the chocolate based theme for this month's bm...

2 cups chilled milk
2 tspn sugar
1 scoop vanilla icecream (Or more)
1 tspn cocoa powder/ drinking chocolate (I like cocoa as it give a hint of bitterness)
2 tbsp whipped cream
1 tbsp chocolate syrup 
Ice cubes (optional)
1) Blend the milk, sugar, cocoa powder, ice cubes and some icecream (about a tspn)
2) Pour the chocolate syrup in a glass , drip from the edges
3) Add the milk mixture 
4) Add the remaining scoop of icecream
5) Top with whipped cream and more chocolate
Serve topped with almond flakes optionally


Srivalli said…
Sounds too good Pradnya..anytime for these..
Priya Suresh said…
I can drink this chocolate frappe even during midnite, loving it.
Unknown said…
irresistible frappe :) i wud love to finish the glass :)
Harini R said…
There are surely loads of calories in that delectable glass of chocolate frappe!
Yummy!! pass me the glass please.. I am very addict to it..
Wish I could get that glass...looks drool worthy !
Chef Mireille said…
definitely an indulgence
I could definitely use a glass of this now! Very beautiful Frappe!
Pavani said…
Simple & delicious frappe. My son would love this.
jayanthi said…
Simple and yummy Choco frappe

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