Uddin Vada / Medu Wada

I have consumed the medu wada as Uddin wada many a times. This is a kannada term for the quintessential medu wada, So this saves me with my "U". For all those wondering, I am referring to the alphabetical series that we are doing this month, cannot believe I reached U successfully.

Given  a choice between idli and wada, my heart goes for wada and mind for idli, for one belief that it is less healthier. But on the hindsight, I feel that this wada is also equally nutritious and protein packed. I have reduced the size of the wadas to smaller bite sized pieces, which is how the local "Anna" serves us. As a young kid, I remember the large size wadas that were served in udipis , which kept our tummies packed for several hours. Thinking back, it makes me feel that we really ate large amounts for the tiny structure we were..but then never complained.

2 cups split black lentils / urad  dal
1 onion finely chopped
1 inch ginger crushed
2 tspn grated fresh coconut
1/2 tsp crushed black pepper
salt to taste
Oil to deep fry
1) Soak the dal for  hours in water. Wash them and drain. Grind to a fine paste with minimal water
2) Add the onion, ginger, coconut, pepper and salt and mix well.
3)Heat the oil , once hot, reduce to low medium flame
4)Brush your palms with some water. lift a small size of the urad dal paste on the palm, it does not stick , try to work out a disc shape
5) Gently dent the centre with your thumb or other hands index finger and then drop it from the side in to the oil.
6) Fry till it is golden in color on both sides, Remove and drain


Shruti J said…
All-time favorite one :)

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Priya Suresh said…
Actually am craving for some fried vadas, love it with some chutney.
Unknown said…
Love vada. For me also it is vada over idli. And these vada have now become size of biscuits lol:) before I remember vada to the size of a puri. Miss this for sure
Last week we enjoyed these vadas . Yours recipe sounds delicious !
Unknown said…
very very delicious recipe dear :)
Srivalli said…
Ok that's a good choice..:)..and love with idlis as well..
These vadas are my fav. with rasam..I feel so tempted to eat them ...aw...these look so nice and crunchy.

Chef Mireille said…
so light and airy- what a wonderful snack
preeti garg said…
Look delicious with coconut dip
Padmajha said…
I have this batter ready in the fridge and this will be our snack for the evening :). Nice choice for U Pradnya :)
Harini R said…
Good choice for U and a lovely snack at that!
Pavani said…
Vadas have come out perfect.
veena said…
Vadai has come out so perfect....looks tempting
Rajani S said…
This is an all time favorite with me (so is almost everything - I LOVE food, I guess :D). I remember amma buying this from her office canteen as appa doesnt like deep frying at home much.
Archana said…
This was my choice for U too. I love udin vada or mend wada as my colleagues insist on calling it.
Gayathri Kumar said…
My all time fav vadas. They look so tempting...

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