Lachcha Paratha / Layered flat bread

We always made chapati, or ghadichi poli (folded roti) at my mother's home. The girls who could roll out chapatis were usually classified for their proficiency. The one who could manage most layered chapati was the best..."padar sutle ka? " , "padar" or literally translated in hindi as pallu (as in saree pallu or plait), was the standard question asked after we were done with the roasting. I am still not very good at it but I understand the obsession. You will too..if you try making this similar version of layered parathas  laccha paratha or satpura phulkas as they are popular in other regions. The one we make is pretty basic but this one almost always yields the results effortlessly.

2 cups flour
salt to taste
2 tbsp ghee 
Optional seasonings( red chilli powder, turmeric, salt, chat masala) 
Oil for cooking
1)Prepare your dough by kneading the flour, salt,2 to 3 tspn of oil and water as needed to prepare a soft , springy dough. Cover and set aside for 20 min
2)Make small balls of the dough and roll them out flat. 
3)Brush the top with some ghee, dust some flour. 
4)Sprinkle the seasonings if you like at this stage 
5)Cut  vertical stripes of the rolled out dough and place them on top of each other. You can either gently roll it up to form a ball or start rolling out as it is gently, towards the edges
6)In the effort to roll out, do not apply more pressure, the layers need to separate while cooking 
7)Roast the rolled out paratha on a hot griddle. Do not flip over continuously. Try to gently pat with the back of flat spatula or a kitchen towel
8)Apply some oil if required 
9)Flip over and cook on the other side as well


Priya Suresh said…
Flaky and prefectly rolled lachcha paratha, love them simply with some paneer butter masala.
Lovely Lachha Paratha ! I love to have it with tea in breakfast...
Unknown said…
wow prefect lacha's on parathas dear :) looks so yumm love to have them with a spicy gravy !!
Nakkich padar sutle bara kaa Pradnya :)
Lovely looking Lachha parathas.
Add some red chilli powder, salt, chaat masala after the first roll and make these to eat with just ghee or butter. Simple superb.
These are one of my fav the layers and then drizzle them with some ghee or butter.
Chef Mireille said…
looks flaky and delicious
Padmajha said…
The layers are showing out so well Pradnya!Good one yaar..
Pavani said…
Yummy looking lacha paratha..
Srivalli said…
I love these parathas..though never tried adding the spices in them..will try it next time..
Harini R said…
very flaky parathas!
Gayathri Kumar said…
This is my daughter's fav paratha. It has turned out perfect..
Unknown said…
Lovely paratha with layers.. Looks perfect.
Unknown said…
wow the paratha has come out very nice!! yummm

Rajani S said…
The ones I have had is the multi-fold the rolled out dough and make a round and then roll out again kind. Like the parottas. Never tried the stripe, layer and roll method..
veena said…
Nice flaky parathas...perfect layers!!
veena said…
Nice flaky parathas..pefectly made:-)
Suma Gandlur said…
Nice flaky rotis are always welcome here. :)
preeti garg said…
Love lacccha paratha specially with paneer curry.
Nice layered parathas! It is a bit of a job, but worth the effort...looks lovely!
Archana said…
Pradnya my poli what padar I just wish it leaves the polpat:) So teching my daughters making chapati will be their MIL's job :D. As for these paratha you make I will eat. For I get ribbed enough for my chapats .

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