Flan/ Caramel Custard

Well, it is a bit of trick to include this recipe in the ABC series, because I had already planned chakali recipe for this alphabet. Then I remembered that it is also called Flan, and voila this beautiful recipe entered the list this month (And yes fresh cherry cupcakes remembered they were eggless :) ) 
About this recipe, my mom made them in pressure cooker often when she had excess milk and eggs at home which she wanted to lure us in to finishing. I remember the pride my father had on his face on knowing how talented his wife was in the kitchen.  I do not think he liked the recipes other than what he was aware but he never discourages any of us from making new dishes ever, for he appreciates the fact that he has a family that loves to cook and experiment. So basically both parents are responsible for our interests in food as such..My little family, husband and son do not like this custard a bit, no absolutely not, I made it many times and each time the same expression, okay..but then I stopped feeling bad when I realized that they genuinely do not like this.
I continue to make this, because I firmly believe that the decision about what gets cooked is completely mine.

1 litre Full fat milk
4 eggs 
1 cup sugar
2 tspn vanilla
3 tbsp sugar
1 tspn butter
1) Grease your flan dish / ramekins with a little butter
2) In another bowl, beat the eggs, add the milk and sugar and mix until the sugar is fully dissolved. Alternatively you can boil tke milk and sugar and add the eggs when this milk mixture has completely cooled down. Add vanilla to it.
3) In a pan, heat 3 tbsp of sugar with 1 tbsp water. let it come to a boil and then watch it simmer until it turns amber in color. Stop at that point as it may become bitter after that
4) Pour this sugar in the moulds about 1/4 inch in depth.
5)Pour the milk mixture on top.
) Cover the moulds with foil papoer to seal.
7) Place these moulds in a water bath (large baking tin filled with some water
8) Bake these moulds in preheated oven for 15 min at 200c.
9) When done, let them cool down a bit.
10) Run water on the sides of each mould. open the foil, run a butter spoon around the edges and then turn it upside down, the melted caramel will ooze out along with,
Serve hot or cold


Srivalli said…
I love this!...the final ones have come out so well..
A very popular dessert.
Wonderful desert ! Lovely clicks dear!
Unknown said…
very elegant desert!!! love the clicks!!

Unknown said…
very elegant desert!!! love the clicks!!

Unknown said…
caramel pudding looks splendid....
Priya Suresh said…
My all time favourite dessert, would love to finish that plate.
nothing can replace the gentleness and the flavour of a perfectly done flan. my all time favourite.

have a nice day n tc..
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Chef Mireille said…
cant believe your hubby and son dont like this - its one of my all time fave desserts
Well since we do not eat eggs I make it with agar agar and it turns out fantastic.
Harini R said…
Looks very cute! I love your statement 'I firmly believe that the decision about what gets cooked is completely mine'.
Rajani S said…
It's a shocker that your family doesn't like this - but you are right :) ...you get to decide what to make :).. I wish I could have some of it!! Btw, typo on one of the step by step pics...it reads' the pumpkin far,'
Gayathri Kumar said…
Flan has turned out awesome Pradnya...
Fantastic dessert..you made it perfectly..
Unknown said…
Yummy flan.. Can have it any time..
Kalyani said…
the executive chef (read the mom) calls the shots in her kitchen ! way to go :-))I have tasted it years ago, and the eggy smell put me off... trying to see if there is an eggfree version of this !

the last pic looks delish :))
Pavani said…
You are so funny Pradnya :-) Yup, I decide what gets made in my house too even if the family wants to eat it or not. If they don't, then that's more for me :-)
Flan looks super delicious.
Archana said…
Unfortunately this is of the few desserts loved at home. Unfortunate because its all over by the time I get to it. Looks yum.Going to make it with the greasing this time. Never did taht and it was a struggle to get a beautiful piece out.:)
Padmajha said…
Pradnya, sometimes for the BM theme, I cook things that only I eat. My folks food preferences are very different,each one having a different taste. So I make it just for myself and enjoy.
And the flan pic is really great!
Perfect looking flans! very well made :)
veena said…
Looks so nice. I make this withour eggs
preeti garg said…
Love this flan recipe.
Foodiliciousnan said…
We get to decide what gets cookes! Absolutely! I love this stuff but don't make at home coz i don't handle eggs. And good work-around with naming the dishes ;)

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