Chakali is traditional maharashtrian snack that I personally associate with Diwali festival. I remember my mother making upto 5 or 6 Kgs of chakali each Diwali. Even when we were tired of the besan laadoo, chivda, karanjis, I never got bored of eating chakalis. My mother makes spicy chakalis which is how I like it. Over the years, she has kept re-inventing the technique based on the inputs she keeps getting from my aunts and others she discusses food with, however, in a strange way she ends up making hers typically different and just the way we all like it. 

I normally do not make chakalis lest mum thinks she can happily retire...

3 cups rice
1 cup chana dal/ split bengal gram
1/3 cup moong dal/ split yellow dal
1/3 cup udid dal / split black dal
1 tbsp roasted horsegram dal powder/ kale phutane ki dal
1 tbsp beaten rice / poha
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 tbsp cumin seeds

for making the batter
1 cup oil
2 tspn red chilli powder
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tspn asafoetida
1 tspn mustard seeds
salt to taste
for cooking
1 litre cooking oil

1) Wash the rice and spread it out on a cloth to dry. Roast it in a pan after it has completely dried on very low flame till it gives out aroma
2) In another pan, separately roast each of the other dals till they ooze aroma
3) Now grind all the cooled down dals along with coriander and cumin seeds and methis seeds to a fine flour consistency.
4) Heat 1 cup of oil and mustard seeds and hing to it. When it crackles, add it to the flour. Also add the other dry ingredients to the flour and slowly bind together using water. You may need upto 1 cup of water. The flour should be palleable.
5) Knead the dough in batches well till it binds well. Grease the mould/ chakali maker and add the dough to it. Press the dough out and form small jalebi like circles on a small greased dish, if the dough breaks while dropping then you may need to knead it again 
) Gently lift the prepared chakali using a spatula and drop in hot oil. Let it cook on low to medium flame until it is golden in color.
7) Remove and strain on paper napkins to drain excess oil. When cool, store in air tight containers.


Janani said…
so cute they look perfect snack for evening crispy and crunchy.
Priya Suresh said…
Wish i could get a huge plate of this crispy chakalis..My all time favourite.
And I always thought it is just rice flour ..never knew so many ingredients go in to make this crunchy bite snack.looks pretty and love that click.
veena said…
I love chakali and we generally make it during Diwali...looks super crunchy..yumm
preeti garg said…
Amazing snacks, love it.
Chef Mireille said…
this is same as muruku right - I made some months back but yours are so much more flavorful - will have to try this one
Wonderfully made chakali , love to have some..
Wonderfully made chakali , love to have some..
Pavani said…
Moms never retire or SHOULD never retire;-)
Chakali looks crunchy and delicious.
Suma Gandlur said…
Wow Pradnya, never came across such recipe for chakli. Have to give it a try.
Srivalli said…
I can eat in whichever combinations you give me..I simply love these..yours are looking so crispy and crunchy!
Gayathri Kumar said…
Chakali has turned out perfect Pradnya. Looks so inviting...
Wow your chaklis looks absolutely crisp and yummy. My all time favourite Diwali snack.
Unknown said…
that is perfect with hot coffee!!! great o munch on!!!

Harini R said…
Love the murukku.
Padmajha said…
This is one snack I can never say no to!
Unknown said…
It would be a great munch with coffee..
Lovely traditional chakali! they are so cute and perfectly shaped :)
Foodiliciousnan said…
I so love these. My Marathi neighbour used to treat me lots to these. We make murukkus during Janmashtami as well as Diwali, but that has rice plus urad dal alone
Rajani S said…
These look perfectly done pradnya...we call it mullu (thorn) murukku here in the south.
This is my all time Fav..Love to have with cup of tea.
Kalyani said…
murkku, chakkali...whatever the names - they r sooo irresistible !
Archana said…
I love chakali. My favourite are hot straight out of the frypan chakli with freshly churned butter and chatnipudi. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I remember the time when my sis,mum & I made these.
Crispy and crunchy murukku..Who will say no to it..

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