Eggless Blackforest Cake

This was an overdue post or recipe ever since I attempted this cake which is almost 10 years ago. Ofcourse, I did not bake the cake back then but simply assembled the layers. Even then I felt, it tasted better than the ready made cakes. Now ofcourse with the number of bakeries opening in the city the quality of cakes has drastically improved.
Originally blackforest cake is meant to be slightly bitter because of the dark chocolate shavings and slightly darker chocolate cake used as base, but the commercially made cakes are so heavily laden with glycerine that they take away the basic taste. Unfortunately, if you make the cake the ideal way you may have most folks twitching their noses a bit high and quitely telling you that the cake is nice but a little more sugar could have helped. Do not budge under pressure when you bake cakes to please others as you can always do that by making other kind of cakes. Make the blackforest cake the way it is meant to be..less sugary, light and airy mildly sweet, a bit of tang from the cherries and sharp bitterness from original rich cocoa dark chocolate shavings.
As part of the BM 31's theme of member's choice recipes, I get the opportunity to share my classic eggless recipe of this cake.

1 1/4 cups All Purpose Flour
3/4 cups Cocoa powder 
1 cup castor sugar
1.5 cups Curd
3/4 cup Canola Oil/ Olive Oil/ Vegetable Oil/ Butter
2 tspn baking powder
for filling
1.5 cup whipping cream / amul fresh cream
1 cup icing sugar
1 cup canned cherries (Tinned cherries)
1/2 cup grated chocolate (Dark chocolate bar to be shaved using sharp knife or peeler
1) In a bowl, mix the curd, sugar and oil. Beat using an electric beater or fork until the sugar is completely dissolved.
2) Sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder together. Mix it with the curd mixture while gently folding it. Ensure there are no lumps
3) Pour in a 9 inch cake mould that has been previously greased or lined with wax paper. Place in a preheated oven for 25 min at 180 c, or until the cake is cooked well in the centre.
4) Beat the cream along with icing sugar until soft peaks form, this may take upto 10 to 12 minutes. Be patient. Set this aside.
5) When the cake is ready, remove and place on wire rack to let it cool down completely.
6) Now slice the cake in 3 layers horizontally. The cake is very light so there are chances that it may drop lot of crumbles. Do not fret, you can group them back and place it on top.
7) Pour the syrup from the canned cherries evenly to soak the cake well. If there is no syrup in the cherries that you have used, then you can instead use sugar syrup, or jam mixed in water.
8) Place the base cake on the serving plate, spread the chopped cherries across evenly. Add a layer of whipped cream and spread thinly.
9) Repeat this again with the remaining layer. 
10) On the last layer, add more cream and spread towards the edges thinly.
11) Garnish the sides and top with chocolate shavings. 
12) Place more cherries on the top 

Enjoy this delicious cake.


Srivalli said…
That reminds me of my baking years back Pradnya. Black forest cake was the first I ever made and everybody used to love it. Infact after making it for the blog, I never made it again. The way you have explained makes me want to bake it right away..looks so tempting...
Priya Suresh said…
My favourite cake,still i never tried to make them at home,would love to have a slice.
Love Black Forest ! Yours looks tempting and eggless too , that's a plus point for me.
Archana said…
Pradnya I have this one bookmarked. Thanks
Ah..I guess this was one of the most popular cakes years back..even This one was my first cake..from scratch:)) the cake loos great.
Harini R said…
I am yet to make this cake ..looks very inviting!
Pavani said…
Black forest cake used to be my absolute favorite flavor back when I was in India. I never made it myself though.. Thanks for the detailed recipe, will try my hand at making it sometime.
Well explained dear,looks tempting and makes me drool...
Chitz said…
Looks tempting, always wanted to make eggless blackforest :)
Padmajha said…
Thanks for the recipe Pradnya.This is, again, my daughter's fav cake and she has been asking me to bake it but i was hesitant. But now I think I can pull it off :)
Usha said…
Love this cake!
tempting cake and everybody's favorite i believe!!
Archana said…
Love this cake.

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